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A WST Review -- Broad Horizon - Billy Cobham and Frankfurt Radio Big Band

And with the greatest of reverence and bravado they boast… “Yuh hear big band?”

Anyone remotely associated with Pan, Steel Orchestras, Panorama and the Caribbean understands the special meaning and emphasis of that phrase. And in the same vein one can’t help yelling “Yuh hear big band?” as we listen to this latest project “Broad Horizon.”

We will cut to the chase. Yes, you need to have your own personal copy. Yes, you will place it right next to Marley, Prince, Monk, Return to Forever, Biggie, Tupac, James Brown, Hendrix, Holst, Mighty Sparrow, Weather Report, Miles, Earth Wind and Fire. Yep, we’re talking game changer.

We are a sum of our experiences. At least musically speaking - so they say. And if this is true (and we definitely believe it to be so) - wait till you listen to “Broad Horizon” by drummer extraordinaire Billy Cobham - featuring Cobham and Frankfurt Radio Big Band. Simply outstanding. It’s going to leave you shaking your head and muttering - man-o man-o man-o Man! in complete enjoyment and ecstasy. The Frankfurt Radio Big Band is outstanding and Billy Cobham remains the master that he is.

It has been a few years since our last review of Billy Cobham’s project -- “Culturemix.” “Broad Horizon” was well worth the wait.

Often as we mature one can be heard saying “If I only knew then what I know now.” In this regard “Broad Horizon” is one of this legendary musician’s best works because he knows it now. Billy Cobham is no longer looking to be a Lamborghini moving at over 200 miles per hour just because he can. However, now he is a treasured musical gem and treasure-trove moving at whatever speed is needed to get the maximum impact and tell his story completely. He has been there, seen that, and done that - and more importantly he is “the man” in charge on this album. From the compositions to the performances to the production - it is all Bill Cobham.

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this was just great, the band was tight and gave a big band sound great listening.


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