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According to one report, PAN TRINBAGO spent $4,052,462.00 in VEHICLE RENTALS in 2016 -- all from the same RENTAL COMPANY

I need THE CIP to come on THIS FORUM and tell me if this is a TYPO or CIP PROPAGANDA or real numbers from the AUDIT REPORT. If this report is true, I am shocked that the MINISTER OF CULTURE could keep handing out MONEY to PAN TRINBAGO every year and cast a blind eye to this BOBOL.

I know that KEITH DIAZ controls 375,000 votes and he has absolute jurisdiction on how the PAN TRINBAGO money is spent -- but this is unconscionable!!!

Where is GREGORY LINDSAY? He should be marching outside the offices of both the MINISTER OF CULTURE and the PRIME MINISTER.

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Looks like you have the report from the audit, when allyuh going to show the rest of us?

my first article i spoke about that. one of the president girl friend

Aquil: Reading your document I see the line: "There has been no such meeting to date."

It was a SIMPLE BLUFF, a tool used by ALL GOOD POLITICIANS. And since KEITH DIAZ is the GREATEST POLITICIAN IN THE WORLD this was like a drop of rain in his ocean of POLITICAL TOOLS.

I will be watching his every move in the next 8 MONTHS learning from MASTERS like DIAZ, PUTIN, TRUMP, and KOREAN KIM!!!

Allyuh conveniently forget the LITTLE BLUFF Doctor Dolly pull promising a FORENSIC AUDIT when she thought that THE CIP was going to get PAN MEN to strike and bury her hopes for a SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL.

Anyway, RUSSELL PROVIDENCE came on the forum and reinforced my observation that you are swimming with BIG SHARKS but you will not heed our advice.

Why yuh think yuh pardner GREGORY LINDSAY quit? The man SAW THE LIGHT!!!


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