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I will be in Trinidad for prelims and semis and I am trying to find accommodations, somewhat based on the panorama schedule. The schedule on Pan Trinbago differs from the schedule on WST. I think the WST schedule is correct because the southern small/medium prelims in San Fernando is listed as 1-25 which is a Sunday and last year when we attended it was a Sunday. Pan Trinbago shows it on Friday 1-23. Where can I get an accurate, definitive schedule so I can plan accordingly? Also I would be open to any housing suggestions for the first night near the airport, a few nights in San Fernando for prelims and the rest in POS. I have two friends who will be there for 5 weeks staying on Coblentz Gardens near St Anns and it would be nice to be near them or at least convenient to get together. I don't need anything fancy since I will be out and about a lot, but some place safe. Thank you.

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Hello Denette

The WST schedule is based on the official release.


Thank you for that. I had contacted Pan Trinbago today and they emailed me the same schedule. These dates don't match up with their calendar on line which is why I was confused.


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