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Dear WST and the Global Pan Community,

I am changing my name from Mike to MC Joseph. This desire to change it did not happen because of a mid-life epiphany or a mid-life crisis with a knee-jerk reaction. This is the culmination of four years of careful and deliberate thoughts in a process establishing who I am in context with my steelpan future. Therefore I am taking this time to share with you the reason and significance with the following. 

Up until this post my WST name was Mike, which in itself is an affectionate contraction for the name Michael but I always intended on using my full name Michael Carlyle Joseph instead. However, there is a possibility that I could be mis-identified, cited erroneously through wrongful attributions or inadvertently misquoted because I share a name in common with others in the forum. So to avoid any confusion when using my full name, I have decided to do a contraction of my first and middle names to use only the first initials instead "MC".

I believe in making this change, it will definitely remove any possible naming ambiguities now and in the future. So let it be known that from today, I "Michael Carlyle Joseph" have taken on a new name in WST forum to be know as "MC Joseph". I am therefore requesting that you please refer to me as "MC Joseph".


MC Joseph

PS: No disrespect intended to anyone with a similar name.

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MC Joseph: I re-baptize you in the name MC Joseph!!!

And please start telling us about your STEELPAN FUTURE. We need somebody with your educational background and administrative skills to get this ship sailing!!!

CAUTION Readers! This is a long post. Please take time to read and pose questions, I will respond within 24 hours.

I appreciate the re-baptism Claude. MC Joseph it is, thanks you very much.

I am responding to the need for me to share some more information and this brief about my steelpan future is guided by my desire to create better media products through high-quality broadcasting services for the steelpan community in Toronto and North America as a whole. 

What this entails is equipping a television production crew with the skill and physical resources to produce high quality live streaming of steelpan and other related cultural/carnival events through the employment of steelpan youths forming the basis of the production crew. This is based on aspects of my socio-economic design in my recently completed research on sustainable development for the steelpan industry.

My initial personal economic outlay for the media component that I am developing for pan and Caribbean arts is nearing $25,000 Canadian dollars. I have a similar parallel investment in steelpan instruments totalling closer to $30,000 Canadian dollars. This second investment is made through purchasing steelpans from Trinidad builders and tuners such as Betram "Birch" Kellman, Gerard Clarke, Wilfred "Soldier" Joseph and John "Honey Boy" Geetooah. I also invest in getting my pans tuned by Roland Harrigan and his Toronto crewman Garnett whenever he is available in Toronto or by Gerard Clarke. Thus I am putting dollars into the T&T economy, while still stimulating the steelpan economy of Toronto steelpan builders/tuners Tommy Crichlow and Albert "Bachac" John.

By doing this for steelpan, I believe one day it will permit me to speak about the academic and non-academic pathway to successful sustainable steelpan development. Just yesterday, I did a two hour wedding performance for a wealthy Toronto/Caribbean couple using my Low E double second and G tenor pan made by Kellman. This performance was among a very diverse cultural crowd in attendance.

Through my research, I addressed five key areas for sustainable steelpan development: the social, economic, environmental, political and cultural aspects are emphasized to instruct the current and next generation of our steelpan industry and community about ways to implement trusted leadership through individual commitment, character development and impeccable service to humanity as a whole. The global steelpan industry needs research and development beyond the making of the instrument and obtaining academic degrees. It needs astute business capable "players" pun intended to lift the steelpan community to be stronger together.

I am by no means a wealthy individual but by my leading out on the road to financial commitment for pan and building on the foundation of my five pillars for steelpan sustainability, I feel confident in putting my money where my mouth is.

So I have been investing and continue to make significant investments to further the cause of steelpan through the funding and leadership of the forthcoming Toronto Steelpan Development Institute. This was my hypothesis when I made my environmental presentation at the ICP 2015. see the link, http://icptt.com/speaker-biosinfo/michael-joseph/

So according to Claude Gonzales, "And please start telling us about your STEELPAN FUTURE. We need somebody with your educational background and administrative skills to get this ship sailing!!!" (Gonzales, April 30, 2017).

I present this information in humility and service considering that I did not want to reveal the details in this post as yet, but since Claude asked, I thought that I should respond in brief without sounding too braggadocios by speaking pre-maturely.

My word is my bond to improve steelpan globally.


MC Joseph

Call me MC Joseph I ain't one foot Vissy again, call me MC Joseph yuh better put handle to meh name. I just could not resist the temptation.   lololol

Yes Claude, you good boy. Lol

I hear you Cecil, classic Duke kaiso. Lol


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