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After all the OLE TALK on this forum for all the years, the administration of PAN in T&T seems to be on the edge of the precipice

Plenty talk on this forum about the ADMINISTRATION OF PAN in T&T. (Like people forget that if wishes were horses beggars would ride.)

Ah read about BlackPrint and RedPrint and BluePrint for PAN and Ministry of PAN and XL4PAN and PAN ON THE ROAD for CARNIVAL and THE PAN HEADQUARTERS (real and conceptual).  I mehself even jump in and recommend this kinda PAN CD and that KINDA PAN CD and other fantasy tours and recording projects.

But it look like PAN in T&T still wearing the same only KHAKI PANTS but it only more tear up now and everything getting more exposed.

Jessie Jackson say "KEEP HOPE ALIVE" and Michelle Obama say "ALL HOPE IS DEAD" Ah doh know who to believe but ah know that ah eh believing all this OLE TALK about PAN PROGRESS in T&T dat ah does read on this forum.

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It's true that the steelband/pan should have been in a better place but we must keep hope alive, hope only dies when you let it.

With everything that is going on in Trinidad (The excess borrowing by the Government; The explosion of crime; The Government incited crimes against certain groups; The deliberate political refusal to bring criminals to justice; The carnage on the roads; and The exposure of PAN TRINBAGO (to the WORLD) as a corrupt and incompetent guardian of the gate of PAN) how could any rational person have HOPE.

Especially if you are in your late sixties or seventies -- and yuh know yuh could dead any day now. How did Michelle Obama put it: "See,now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like.”

So maybe if we start seeing the world today (as HOPELESS and our clocks as ticking) we might get a bee in our bonnet and DO SOMETHING FOR PAN (in a RUSH) before we dead.

The thing about HOPE is, it beat hopelessness.

But right now hopelessness in front and looking like it go win.

Bertel, I believe the Trini lifestyle is having a negative impact on it's society because only ah few of the population is able to enjoy it.

What we are experiencing is what happens when you have endless holidays, nuff partying, carnival, too much jumping up. 

We have tipped the scale and on a downward spiral.

What is evident after all these years is the Government inability to see the potential of the steelband/pan, had they treated this as a natural resource and put some of their brilliant minds to develop and market it we would not be in this place today.

The best thing we did for the Instrument [Pan] is give it to the world, we will see it used in ways we could not have imagined. I have serious doubts about the steelband in the Mecca moving beyond panorama.  

When Trinidad lose the Pan then they goingto start t Bawl, then its too late,


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