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After the Minister of Culture done COLLUDE with KEITH DIAZ to cheat the Pan Men out of $500 allyuh really think that she going and LOCK UP KEITH DIAZ

As sick as KEITH ROWLEY is I think that he should step down from office and make KEITH DIAZ the PRIME MINISTER of TRINIDAD and TOBAGO. I have followed POLITICS in Trinidad and America my whole life and I have to say that KEITH DIAZ is the greatest politician I have ever seen -- again!!!

I feel pity for Gregory and Oswald and Aquil as they try to unseat this MASTER NEGOTIATOR and MANIPULATOR from his $500,000 a YEAR job. What a political strategy: Please STEP DOWN Mr. Keith Diaz!!! And the RIGHT HONOURABLE is going to say: Okay, I will step down since you guys asked me so politely!!! I will go back and drive my TAXI and let you guys have the $500,000 a YEAR and the office!!! I will even throw in the BMW and the AUDI for you all to ride in style since you asked me to STEP DOWN in such a humble manner. I will even forget the fact that I was democratically elected and will be again in 2018 if I DON'T STEP DOWN!!!

After cheating the PAN MEN, Doctor Dolly handed KEITH DIAZ a check for $1.8 million dollars. And another big check for PRODUCING THE 2017 PANORAMA, smilingly. When you control 350,000 votes in a DOWN ECONOMY for a faltering administration -- allyuh really think that anybody going and audit your books?

Come on Gregory Lindsay!!! Come and tell us how your plans are going to make KEITH DIAZ -- STEP DOWN!!!

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Sick, sick! We are just talk, talk, talk!

Well you will have to blame the 350,000 voters who are being controlled, according to you, no?

If the money was not paid how will the 350K feel?

Maybe you should run for President instead of talking about it.


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