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I would recommend that your boys try to win it in Houston. You don't want to give Houston any confidence. If it goes to seven you won't win.


The OAKLAND COLISEUM has been the home of the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS since the 1971-1972 NBA season.

On Sunday (May 12th) the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS will play their FINAL GAME at the OAKLAND ARENA before an EVER FAITHFUL HOME CROWD who has supported the WARRIORS through THICK and THIN. 

The mood of the crowd at the final buzzer will range from GRIM to DEPRESSED to SUICIDAL as the team abandons OAKLAND (on a LOSING NOTE) and heads across THE BAY BRIDGE to SAN FRANCISCO. But with KD going to NEW YORK and CLAY THOMPSON going to LOS ANGELES -- it will be YEARS before SAN FRANCISCO sees an NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.

bugs: The LAS VEGAS SPORTS BOOKS are giving 16-1 odds on the KNICKS winning the 2020 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP WITH KD and 300-1 odds WITHOUT KD!!! What a difference a SUPER STAR MAKES.

And that is what we need FOR TRINIDAD PAN: A SUPER STAR!!!

KD should speak to Patrick Ewing first before coming to NY. New York media ain't nice.

Maybe Clay and KD should consider signing one of those Lebron two year deals with a player option to opt out after one year. These deals have sure worked out well for Lebron.


Congratulations Claude.

One question who does Houston call when they have a problem?


Well everybody is suggesting that THE COACH is the problem; and he seemed perplexed, himself.

I think that HOUSTON is as good a team as GOLDEN STATE and I don't see how they could fold at home in such a crucial moment. But any sports fan will tell you that there are stars who shine under the brightest of lights and others who just break out in a COLD-SWEAT.

An avid basketball fan like you, bugs: Do you realize how much pressure this puts on KD when he signs his BIG CONRACT with the KNICKS. And you already talked about the cold-heartedness of the NEW YORK MEDIA. If he does not LEAD and WIN the talk will be that THE WARRIORS made him a CHAMPION. And after the way the BROTHERS SPLASHED and the BENCH THRASHED without KD last night ... well ah doh know what to say again.

It is a coach problem.

I don't believe he can ever win a championship.

Have you ever seen him call a time out or get vex because someone on his team was not playing defense?

I'll go further and say that if you switched coaches last night. Houston would win and  GS would lose.

I would tell KD, that they traded Walt Fraser, they traded Patrick Ewing, why would leave GS?

I wouldn't leave a Big Five Band to join a medium band.


I would love to see KD move to NEW YORK and win a CHAMPIONSHIP for THE KNICKS for the sake of BASKETBALL and NEW YORK.

But if he is going to move to NEW YORK for THE MONEY (a few million more a year) then he is DEFINITELY MAKING THE WRONG DECISION. Because with the team moving to SAN FRANCISCO, the kind of access that he could gain to SILICON VALLEY (if he had any kind of social skills and humility and diplomacy) -- he could make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

LEBRON JAMES played a version of THAT HAND like a GENIUS and I am sure that he has made 10  times the money OFF THE COURT that he has made ON THE COURT.

Allyuh hear that SILICON VALLEY is going to have its own STOCK EXCHANGE. I am quite sure that CURRY will take full advantage of that opportunity. And when we THINK BIG: People like him and LEBRON should be able to DUMP 15 to 20 million dollars into a BLACK MOVIE just as if BUGS was buying a PACK OF CIGARETTES. Instead of the actors sitting around crying that the WHITE MAN eh giving them NO ROLES.

And that is why we need REAL GLOBAL LEADERSHIP in PAN TRINBAGO. But allyuh will never make the big connection because the GIMME GIMME INDOCTRINATION only sees the PNM and the THA as the ABSOLUTELY SINGULAR SOURCE OF FUNDS!!!!



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