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Ah have to DEFEND meh pardner CECIL HINKSON. A GIZMO is any DEVICE that gets the JOB DONE ...

A gizmo is a device used for a specific job.
A vacuum is a gizmo that cleans the floor. While gizmo often means an unknown object — like a thingamajig — a gizmo is any device that gets a job done. A phone is a gizmo for talking to people. A stove is a gizmo that cooks food.
AN E-PAN is a GIZMO that tries to sound like an ACOUSTIC STEELPAN with an extended capability of doing more complicated musical functions. The PRIMARY BENEFIT of the E-PAN is that it allows the STEELPAN PLAYER to transfer years of MUSIC PRACTICE to other CONVENTIONAL INSTRUMENTS and BELLS & WHISTLES with the PRESS OF A BUTTON -- THAT IS MAGICAL!!!
I would like to see an E-PAN BAND (with one or two conventional tenors included) touring the world. With the E-PANS -- you do not need 25 to 50 people on stage to MAKE HIGH QUALITY SOUND. So TWO TENORS mixed in with 5 low ranging E-PANS could really ROCK THE WORLD. Not to mention reduce transportation costs and provide BIGGER CHECKS to the smaller group of players.
Have no fear!!! The E-PAN will not replace the CONVENTIONAL PAN!!! What is more likely over time is that TECHNOLOGY will come to the CONVENTIONAL INSTRUMENT in the form of computer chips embedded into the notes (that will solve a lot of my complaints about the limitations of the instrument and what it can and cannot play)... and even then the ORIGINAL PAN will still have its place in the MUSIC WORLD.
But what I personally need from the E-PAN is a nice piece of music that I can listen to and say: YES!!! That is what I was waiting to hear since this instrument was INVENTED.
As usual, I close by asking: WHERE IS THE MUSIC?

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Bottom line is ,, after all these years. You still asking...


Brenda H.


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