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Ah never see so much PAN TRINBAGO MEETING in meh life and nobody eh telling me what going on in DEM MEETINGS

It had a meeting on APRIL 14TH and ah next meeting on MAY 9TH and ah next meeting on MAY 21ST and ah next meeting on MAY 23RD and ah next meeting on MAY 28TH and now they having ah next meeting some time in JUNE.

And within PAN TRINBAGO they have more COMMITTEES than NANCY PELOSI have in the US CONGRESS and they already had over 200 meetings since OCTOBER 2018.

And that does not include MORE MEETINGS with the NCC to get dey PANORAMA MONEY which GYPSY is still counting because he shame to tell dem how he ROB DEM.

But they are not sharing any of the discussions in the MEETINGS with anybody on the OUTSIDE.

Anyway, The PANORAMA FEVER is going to be HOT and HEAVY and LONG LASTING this year because it starting quite in SEPTEMBER 2019. But ah wonder how they going to call it PANORAMA 2020 when it taking place in SEPTEMBER 2019.

All the PAN PLAYERS like they turn into SHEEP ... they grieving with FRUSTRATION through MALADMINISTRATION ... yuh know ... but DEY LIKE IT SO!!!

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duvone stewart have them bazody,

Pan People are conditioned to accept whatever Kool-Aid the administration give them, this is why they are treated like second class citizens. This will continue until they demand to be treated with respect.


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