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Ah tell BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE from EARLY that she needed to focus on the MARKETING but she was too busy glorifying herself to consider the advice

Instead, she squeeze THE PRO out of the organization and she hire Marie Toby to sit at her right hand and PRETEND to be the Liaison Officer for all STEELBANDS.

Now, how yuh go live in TOBAGO and be the LIAISON OFFICER in Trinidad for STEELBANDS? Especially when you don't even understand the TRINIDAD and TOBAGO street culture and "more especially" nothing about the social circles on THE BIG ISLAND.

As much as all of your TRUE BELIEVERS are running around praising your accomplishments so far, and the PANORAMA FEVER done have everybody brain tie up already -- make sure that you put some FOCUS on hiring an effective MARKETING TEAM or things will only get worse.

And please do not let RACE limit your THINKING!!!

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