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Allyuh should really (one by one) come on THIS FORUM and thank GLENROY JOSEPH and ODW for putting up all that MUSIC on YOUTUBE!!!

I consider it a SMALL MIRACLE when I could go find a SONG (that Glenroy Joseph loaded) in just a few seconds and bring it across to THIS FORUM.

(For reasons of my own I have the utmost appreciation for the evolution of computer technology -- but I never expected it to reach where it has reached today in my lifetime.)

TUNES I never thought that I would never hear in my life again, I am able to go listen to again over and over because of GLENROY JOSEPH and ODW.

Thanks for all the dedication to the CULTURE both of you!!!

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Yes I must echo the sentiment. In the last 25 years I've been able to (thanks to technology) bring my record/cd collection up-to-date and catch up with a lot of missed performances during my 52 years living "in foreign".

I'm just missing Starlift "white album" containing Ascot Gavot, Brazil and such like. I think it was recorded back in 1964 I think. Anyone out there got it?

Like I've said before, steelbands can raise their own funds if they were able to get their tracks on TIDAL, SPOTIFY or iTunes.

Some of us would pay for the privilege.

Independence Greetings to All Trinbago People Worldwide.  Blessed Love

Many Thanks  Glenroy. We do appreciate you for posting the music.  Love always xo xo xo


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