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Ama In Wonderland: Standing in her shoes and wondering about PT and the IP this year.

I have to wonder why an international panorama and no elections. I have to wonder why PT after all these years have no headquarters (building), but want to be the body representing steelbands the world over. I have to wonder why would forward thinking countries like Japan and China want to be a part of n organization that does nothing to promote their own people. I have to wonder where they are getting all this money to host this event, when bands have not yet been paid for 2015 panorama. I have to wonder why if this is such a big event, no major marketing has been done to attract a paying audience. I have to wonder why no one had to foresight to arrange package deals with the major hotels and airlines.

I have wonder where they are going to accommodate all those players and their instruments, when bands from Tobago usually sleep in the savannah for panorama. I have to wonder who the men are, that actually sat around a table and came up with this wonderful event, then did nothing really to promote it, so that monies could be made. Like some of you I too wanted to be there for this event, however I may just stay where I am an wonder, since in August airfares are high and I was not given the opportunity of knowing this is a sure thing and purchase my ticket early.  I just have to wonder.

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Real things to  think about indeed Ama Belfon.  One can only shake their head.


No just an oversight as I do know that women should be awarded the opportunity to serve and run this organization. Maybe then we would see some positive changes. There are many women playing crucial roles in bands across the pan world.  I, however know first hand how some in the present regime see women; they can serve but not lead. 

Evidently, as these things go, they have already received the 'sponsorship' to pull it off, so they do not feel the urge to monetize or market it.

If so, when all is said and done, an opportunity to earn revenues will have been lost and we will be left as always, lambasting the pan fraternity for not being autonomous, or at least viable.

For the 'sponsors' especially if it's the government, it's a chance to boast of supporting the pan movement as well as to suggest that it could not progress without their 'help'.

And yes, it's unbelievable that an event of this magnitude could be just around the corner and nobody knows anything about it.

It's a recipe for failure, but nobody expects better and nobody will be surprised.


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