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An Interview with the late Junior Pouchet - founder of Silver Stars Steel Orchestra by Von Martin

Producer, author and noted on-air broadcaster Von Martin shares another important documentary on the pan from his archives. This time we meet the late Pan Pioneer Junior Pouchet - former great captain and founder of Silver Stars Steel Orchestra.

Head of Caribbeana Communications Inc. Von Martin shares one of his many interviews amassed throughout the years, on the history of the steelpan instrument. The one featured here is from the 1980s and showcases Junior Pouchet.

In this interview Junior Puchet reviles one of his concerns. "I 'm a little bit more worried about the future as far as the identity  of the Trinidad steelband is concerned, because there are so many steelbands all over the world now. Everybody is getting into it. Everybody is making money off of it. And everybody is growing, and  getting better and better. The fact that remains is, as time goes on -  the steelband instrument will come just like the piano or violin or trumpet is..." "....The day will come when no one will know that Trinidad evented the Pan..."

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"You were NOT the RIGHT COLOR; You were NOT the RIGHT BLOOD; you really don't KNOW ABOUT PAN!!!"

60 years later and NUTTEN EH CHANGE!!! People still cussing out ANDY NARELL for daring to play a PAN!!!


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