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Power Stars Steel Orchestra

114 Western Main Road,

St. James

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His Excellency Chief Eyengunni Keith Diaz

President of Pan Trinbago 

Chairman of Panorama Management Committee 2018

14-17 Park Street

Port of Spain




Dear Sir ,

I wanted to get over some of my expressed disappointment over the semifinals results... .before addressing you dispassionately regarding what I believe is happening here.

I am of the personal belief that there is something that is amiss here....

Point number 1:

I have already spoken to chairman of the northern region, Mr. Gerard Mendez and Treasurer of PanTrinbago, Mr. Andrew Salvador regarding what I believe to be purposeful political interference in the executive's allocation of transport subsidies per round to bands, given that all bands in all regions are allocated per round once we have to be transported to the competition point. As of right now, we have only been given Assistance to bands for prelims and semifinals stages of the competition. Bands were judged at yards for preliminaries so none is expected. However in the semifinals.... None was allocated for this band, while Tobago Regional Bands are allocated 3.2Million dollars for transportation and other bands in other regions are given on a sliding scale based on their location relative to their competition point....every year, year in year out.

Point number 2:

PanTrinbago advertised this weekend that government grants to unsponsored bands would be ready for collection at Culture Ministry in St. Ann's, but there was no cheque for PowerStars, even though I was already holding the assistance cheque from NCC for yesterday's semifinals performance... How crazy is that!

Point number 3:

Three judges on the panel that scored is for the semifinals yesterday also scored us in the preliminaries HIGHER than the the other 2 new judges, that scored us lower....and accordingly a preliminary case for subjective bias in adjudication can be made, due to the fact that no judges symposium or training of the Panorama judging framework, has been held by PanTrinbago, except last year after such an elongated period of eight years before.. To prevent these specific types of anomalies in the judging of all bands for Panorama, I asked you countless times about the briefing for the rules and regulations to be ratified for conventional bands, but to no avail. I attended the briefing for the single bands that was held at the NCC Savannah VIP room, where you allowed me to be an observer under emotional duress, as you forbade me to speak, and accordingly I did not have the forum, to highlight I am now constrained to lodge a written complaint of protest under Section 18.2 of the unratified Rules and Regulations of Panorama 2018….where the Rules are Silent

In the rules as it stands, Section 7.7 Procedure for  Qualifying/preliminary Rounds, the rules clearly stipulate in what exactly is the process of adjudication for this stage of the competition, in particular the selection of the alternate judge., Also as well, I signed off on the sealed envelope, for the adjudicators score sheets

In the rules as it stands, Section 7.8 Procedure for Judging Semi-Final and Final,the rules are clearly ambiguous in what exactly is the process of adjudication for this stage of the competition, in particular the selection of the alternate judge. Also as well, there was no sign off on adjudicators score sheets, by thus individual.

Accordingly tomorrow I shall put forward our case that if there is political interference or bias coming out of the President's Office in the allocation of transport subsidies to bands then it can be said that there is a case for reasonable doubt that there can be political interference in the judging of this Panorama, or the appearance of collusion in the selection of the alternate judge at the semifinal round of competition at the venue, because of the impairment of the ambiguity for that previously mentioned

I have sought legal advice on the abovementioned facts, and the remedy that our orchestra seeks is that based on, the above mention and that we be reinstated to the Finals of the National Competition; and also as well, all outstanding monies, inclusive of Transportation, as articulated under Section 16 be remitted with all reasonable haste to my unsponsored steel orchestra...

I do look forward in earnest to your reply, and remedy for this case. Thank you for the courtesy of your attention.




Gregory M. Lindsay

Manager- Power Stars Steel Orchestra

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Gregory: Unless you are planning to SHUT DOWN THE PANORAMA -- we eh have NO TIME for PERSONAL GRIPES. But since you are filing a LAWSUIT -- please FILE ONE for SKIFFLE. Because I am personally FED-UP of seeing not just AQUIL and GREGORY band being discriminated against -- but EXPAT ARRANGERS. We all know that the THREE ARRANGERS from BROOKLYN are the BEST PANORAMA ARRANGERS in THE WORLD. And you see what happened to them LAST SUNDAY.


Pamberi, NGC Couva Joylanders, Carib Dixieland through Tobago Region, have all been advised personally, and further official letters of protest may be forthcoming, which is under the purview of the consideration of their respective management committees in their orchestra.

If they are so inclined, all well and good, as I have laid the track for de agouti to run. As you and I know, the cheese normally stands alone..The rules and regulations are unratified for conventional bands, because His Goodly Excellency, chose a path, that has now achieved this result. Those are the facts.

Your move Mr. President!

Finally......Big congratulations to my social media scientist Russell Providence, on his band Cordettes making it to the 2018 Panorama Finals.....much love boss

Thank you for your kind words Gregory.

Meet SUPERBLUE...                                                                                                                                                                   

It doesn't matter haw many Champions League Final Appearances you may have made.

It doesn't matter how many FA Cup Final Appearances you  may have made at Wembley.

It doesn't matter how many Ballon D'or Nominations you may have had.

It doesn't matter how many La Liga Titles you may have won.

It doesn't matter how many EPL Titles you may have captured.

It doesn't matter how many Serie A Trophies you may have lifted.

What matters is  an appearance at The World Cup Finals.

Italy knows that.

Buffon feels that pain.

There is a typo in Point #3....Three Judges on the panel that scored [us] not is........for the semifinals

I'm tired of Tobago bands being dragged into most arguments when talking about monies for transport et al. It's a NATIONAL competition and Tobago is part of that competition. After all, it's two islands one country - Trinidad and Tobago. The monies allocated for bands from Tobago cover accommodation, meals and transport. Tobago bands lose two days of vital practice time when they travel to Trinidad for competition, not so with Trinidad. We know that that is what we have to endure and we take it in stride as it cannot be helped. Don't look at the situation from one side only, do your research and come with facts. Look what happened on Monday with the fast ferry. 390 airline tickets had to be sourced for players to return home. Players endured nearly a whole day at the airport with the last batch leaving Trinidad on the last flight. Whilst everyone else was in their bed etc. So spare me the usual diatribe about Tobago bands. It's exhausting and a horse that has been beaten to death.

Sue-Ann: Are you saying that GREGORY came last and he still go to sleep in his bed. Imagine if he was a Tobago band and come last and can't even find a bed?

Curiouser and curiouser...

Does Gregory suppose because I may have somewhere referred to Panorama as The Olympics of Pan (although my preferred choice is "The World Cup of Pan"), he may use Trinidad and Tobago's method of securing gold in the London 2012 olympics 4 X 100 men's relay as the basis for advancing in the competition?

  1. Remember when the tape was broken after the starter's gun went off we won nothing as we came in 4th. 
  2. As a result of a lane infringement we were upgraded shortly after the end of the race to 3rd place.
  3. In 2015 after the USA was stripped as a result of Tyson Gay's positive drug tests we rose to 2nd place.
  4. Then in 2017, five (5) years after the race was completed when it was revealed that Jamaican Nesta Carter tested positive we were awarded 1st place.


There is no procedure at PanTrinbago, within the Panorama, that if a band has a query with scores, they can write to an Adjudication Management Committee or an Adjudication Review Committee to process any redress by any orchestra. 

PanTrinbago has no welfare/grievance officer,  in zones where one who is filing a grievance, can take their complaints to a zonal executive and they would relay the matter to the Central executive.

All roads stop at the office of the President; who is also President of the following: the COSERO; The Panorama Management Committee;  any appeals welfare grievance. 

PanTrinbago is victimizing me and my band because I am always taking my grouses to the media. They are interfering with my pan culture and my orchestra's panorama life and I want to bring the discussion in the public.

After 50 years in this business, is this the proverbial straw to break my orchestra's back? I guess time will tell. 

Gregory: I offered my political consulting services to YOU and THE CIP and AQUIL and you all were so arrogant -- allyuh refused my HELP. Now yuh coming and crying because KEITH DIAZ put your band in LAST.


Yuh think yuh could go to TRUMP or DIAZ or KIM JONG


Mr. Claude y u beating up on my panda so.... 

as i said before, you can play mas and fraid powder.

the writing on the wall long time Gregory,

i told my band, this is what going to happen. everyone in my band knew, men, women and children. It was explain to them all, even before they learned their first note.

No wet eyes in by band.

just eye-openers for those members who did not think it was as bad as i told them it was.

I would like to suggest to the gentleman that he consider proposing implementation of the following suggestion as an alternative to what he is advocating as, the manipulation of the results in a manner that is disadvantageous to him.

Many creative contests use voting to help determine their winners. Some use votes to narrow down the pack, and pick finalists to be judged. Others go the opposite way, with judges picking finalists and determining the winner.

  • Put Twitter to Work for You.
  • Generate Votes with Facebook.
  • Make Your Own Commercial.
  • Recruit the Media to Help You.
  • Use sites like Amazon Mechanical Turks.

The foregoing may create an opportunity to manipulate the system (cheat), by taking advantage of weaknesses in the contest's design, like faking IP addresses or creating fake accounts to vote.

If you see any value in the above Bredrin, then by all means market it as policy, propose it for adoption. If not, get up, "duss yuh pants", and prepare for de next time. 


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