Picture of Grenada's Republic Harps Steel Orchestra - promoting New York's 2010 Panorama on WIADCA's siteIADNew York - It has been brought to WST’s attention that the 2010 promo for the upcoming September 4 New York Panorama on the promoter’s site - is not even a picture of a New York steel orchestra - not even that of the reigning New York champions, Pan Sonatas! In fact, it is a picture of Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Orchestra from Grenada - much to the surprise of Angel Harps’ management - who told WST that Grenada’s Angel Harps will not be in the New York area anytime in the near future.
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  • hey...it was a pretty graphic..nice blue shirts and all....the PR group doing the promotions obviously do not really understand much about steel pan & the competitive aspect of panoramas. Someone should have noticed, and given the PR folks some schooling on pan, eh?
    I did enjoy the WIADCA website. Just looking at the photos and all does makes me wish I had the time and money to be in NYC for it. I have to say some nice things about WIADCA..there are many diverse events organized, and nice you can buy tickets online and all. Our Tampa Bay Carnival here...well...just cannot compare.
    On a personal level, although I lived there for 20 years I only miss 2 things about NYC:
    J'ouvert in Brooklyn and traditonal Chinese massage in Chinatown, Manhattan.
  • Does it really matter...just celebrate the instrument and forget all this politics.
    One Love.
    • Chris, of course it matters. Can you imagine a promo for the American NBA finals with pictures of a European basketball team? Celebrating the instrument is one thing - behaving and responding in a manner that makes the pan community appear intelligent is another thing.

      • True...I fully understand where you are coming from...but remember it was an "oops" moment,someone put the wrong picture in there...forgive and forget..this is pan on the net.


        • In as much that you're still on this almost one year later, Chris Copeland, you appear not to be familiar with the hijinks and outright contempt of those who organize the NY Panorama annually, that being the WIADCA organization.  For them, holding the panorama has always been simply a 'cash cow' event; it brings in the most patrons for them over their week of activities, but the majority of their establishment, utterly despise steelband people. 

          This is not a 'forgive and forget' issue.  WIADCA has always had a nasty and very virulent attitude toward the NY steelband community, who never have the balls to tell them to get lost, except for some that did in that one year back in 2001.  Being the gluttens for abuse that NY steelbands are, every single one of them went crawling back with their tails between their legs in 2003, and the abuse resumed and increased from year to year.

          So that picture was not a real "oops" moment, either WST was just being polite, or they are not as bright as I give them credit to be.   That picture was really a result of an "F*** you" attitude from WIADCA to the bands, because the bands can think of nothing else but panorama, that's all most of them, and their players appear to live for, so WIADCA knows the steelbands will always be there in their Panorama unless they have an alternative.

          Or perhaps you have another exlplanation for how WIADCA has hosted the Panorama more than what, forty years, yet had to use a picture of a Grenada band to promote their New York panorama?  They have put out a magazine on some years, and have pics of the NY steelbands.  Please Chris.  Get real.

  • All I can say is SHAMEFUL. This is not like you WST, c'mon, please correct it.
    • Annette, this has nothing to do with WST. I think you misread the story.
    • Annette,

      What are you looking at? The wiadca web site where the promotion is? what does that have to do with WST? I read the article, and it points to the wiadca site, and WIADCA's use of the grenada band picture for ny panorama on September 4. how is WST going to correct something on wiadca's web site, and why are you saying its shameful for wst? Maybe you're seeing something I didn't. If so, what did you read?
  • Not in New York!!!!!

    I thought that this type of stuff only happened in T&T.

    Shocking !!!
    • Glenroy - New York has two pan associations. Let's see how they respond. LMAO

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