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Ancilla Kirby challenges negative perception of Laventille

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Ancilla Kirby challenges negative perception of Laventille

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - ....Ancilla Kirby, who hails from Success Village, Laventille, has a dream of helping the masses – especially marginalised groups - and she believes that politics is the stepping-stone to achieving this.

....Kirby, who has a degree in History from the University of the West Indies (UWI), has been accepted to the UWI’s Cave Hill campus to pursue law.

....She said she will continue to challenge the negative perception people have about Laventille.

“It’s been identified as a place where there are a lot of social ills. On the news, if something negative has happened, the area would always would be first and foremost in the headline. But, crime doesn’t pinpoint a single area.”

She said when she started searching for jobs, she encountered a lot of discrimination.

“I went through having my resume turned down, and even sent back to me, both based on the area I am from and because people felt that a History degree would not be useful. I even experienced some of this with educators. I was treated differently; I was treated as if I had a learning disability.”

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Especially HISTORY STUDENTS who grew up in LAVENTILLE.


Read "THE DRAGON CAN'T DANCE" to understand the DEPRAVATION!!!

You may not be very far off the mark, Claudius.  

Recent data have revealed that four out of three students in North America got a failing grade when it came to percentages, indicating if nothing else, that this deficiency is certainly not restricted to history students, nor is it solely indigenous to Laventille.


It should come as no surprise therefore, that many of those students have grown up to become functioning adults, and are probably now keen and ardent posters on WST, promulgating and expounding everything from A to Z.


My intuitive extrapolation, however, is that 88 percent of that massive sample size are still deficient in percentages. Fortunately, for you and I — we are among the remaining 22 percent.


Anyway, to the more salient point at hand — I wish Ms. Kirby continued success as she pursues her law degree in Barbados and may ALL her future academic endeavours reflect her eponymous Success Village.


As an addendum, I recently read about a poll that was taken in California, asking if people thought illegal immigration was a serious problem.  29 percent said, “Yes, it is a serious problem.”

71 percent said, “No, no es un problema serio.”   ;-)


Sir Claudius, read ‘Humour in Percentages’ by Bindair Dundath to understand the DEPRIVATION.   And if you don’t, ……. well, ….. Crawfie smoke yuh pipe.  :-)



Love yah, Bruddah.  Keep on urging and encouraging our pan men (in fact, everybody) to open their eyes.

I discern your zeal and enthusiasm to have our national steel instrument repositioned centre stage again, (instead of a silly failed organization sullied, soiled, and smeared by a few Controlling Extorting Officeholders!).  

Doh give up on we jess yet!    ;-)


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