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And Andy Narell eh release his "pan samples" as yet, eh!!! Let me remind allyuh what he said before in a conversation with Dalton Narine!!!

“Actually, there’s a story here,” Narell lets on, “but not the one you think. I’m working on a project with Ellie and Darren Dyke (one of the tuners he’s trained). We are sampling the whole steel band, one note at a time, to create virtual instruments of Ellie’s instruments.

“It’s a project we’ve been working on for a couple of years and it’s almost ready to be released as a product.

“In order to create a virtual instrument, first I record every note on the pan at every possible volume. On average that’s about 35 versions of each note. Each recording of each note is called a ‘sample.’

“So a complete instrument (three octaves, for example, for a double second) will consist of more than 1000 samples. We edit the samples so they all have the same attack, and create a list from softest to loudest, then load it into a Kontakt Player. From there I make adjustments, note by note, to create a balanced instrument.

“Then I can play it on a midi keyboard, like my Yamaha digital piano.”

Note to Oswald Alexander: You are not seeing the BIG FUTURIST PICTURE!!!

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