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ANDY NARELL AND BIRDSONG .... lets think long and hard about this.

What Andy is doing is NOT Panorama music as we know it, but as mush as Panorama is we music its not appealing to the world over and as such we can't sell it. Fifty years of Panorama music has gone by and it has not been played on any contemporary music stations in any part of the world. forget any part of the world, inTrinidad and Tobago it's hard pressed to find a Panorama song being played on a local radio station. So yes, Andy Narell is trying to jazz things up and make it a little more appealing so that, in my mind, the world over can accept and make the steelpan music a little more marketable, and help move it in the right direction. Most of us are traditionalists and we like to hold on too tight. The Jamaicans have let go and have given the world Reggae and it's now marketable. There's even a spot on the Grammys for it. So, we young people have to think long and hard as to how we can make a change for our children, so that they will not suffer from what we are suffering from today (lack of recognition, lack of financial reward for our music, respect ... pool party,etc., etc.,).

Lets ask ourself do we really want to do the same thing that we have done for the past 50 yrs ??? because WE WILL GET THE SAME RESULTS.

I believe we can come up with a way or a fix.

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I say change something else and leave panorama alone... panorama has its followers local and abroad, continue to appeal to them... create something else for export like say pan in the 21st century aka "The Bomb Competition" which uses genres other than calypso and plays them in different styles including calypso, this competition clearly has the "potential" to appeal internationally. If we try to  "jazz things up a little" or "dilute" (as if panorama isn't jazzy,funky,classical, and full of soul as it is) Panorama then we looking to diminish the "calypso spirit of Carnival" content in panorama and if we lose we "spirit" well then "Game Over"for we.

Agreed 100% Leave Panorama Alone. 


I hear what you are saying but, Jamaicans do their thing and doh care who like it, they do it for themselves. Why should we have to "jazz up things? panorama is we ting,  if we were living in T&T we probably would not have a problem with the music. Andy style of music has it's place but it is not in panorama.  One of the problems with steelband music is it's instrumental, these days the market for this kind of music is almost zero. 

Salmon: Based on the results this weekend, there are FOURTEEN arrangers in Trinidad who are miles more talented than Andy, musically. So I am expecting to see them hopping on planes right after Carnival and taking this WONDEERFUL PANORAMA MUSIC to Universities, Concert Halls, Recording Studios and Movie Sets across The Seven Continents.

Once the world hears EXCITEMENT by ALL STARS it will be on heavy rotation on Radio Stations around the GLOBE -- royalties like rain flowing back into Trinidad. The GRAMMYS will have to open their eyes and recognize this musical masterpiece with a new category and award. Don't talk about DIGITAL DOWNLOADS; I could see them hitting TWO MILLION.

Let Andy take his "FIX" and GO TO FRANCE.

Claude you sound bitter and hurt...


Bugs: Salmon set the stage for a little sarcasm which I had brewing, so I went with it!!!

After "TOURIST LEGGO" in 1976, I done learn my lesson long time!!!

Doh make meh expand on that one!!!

Ay Ay Ay Claude, yes indeed, what went down with "TOURIST LEGGO" is a topic for the ages. Let's leave that one alone for another day. I hear you...


"Once the world hears EXCITEMENT by ALL STARS it will be on heavy rotation on Radio Stations around the GLOBE" you were being funny right? lol yeah please say you were.. 

Glaude did you really believe what you just wrote

Very funny Claude. Did you write this for the intellectuals (lol)

This reminds me of an Asian who said that the reason why America ranks so far behind the rest of the world in Science and Mathematics is because of Blacks and Mexicans.  America called the man a racist.. They did not think outside the box. The Asian was really poking fun at white America, but they they could not see it.

It's funny that the best tune came from the band that came last. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Salmon, bring that discussion to the town hall meeting. It should make for interesting debate. I have already thought long and hard about it, and this is my view: When Chris Blackwell gave The Wailers the recording contract for "Catch A Fire", these young Rastamen, didn't feel they needed to sound like the "Fab 5". Bob got respected, because he stayed true to his Jamaican and African roots. PERIOD. Jamaicans have a sense of African pride that we don't. That is why you can still hear Jamaican songs boasting ♫Black like ah tar♫ and ♫Dem ah bleach...to look like Brownin'♫. (True) reggae music is the same as it's always been; the music of the Rastaman. Word. Sound. Power. This will continue to be handed down to GENERATIONS and GENERATIONS of Afro-Jamaicans, many of whom look to a "Black God", and to REPATRIATION as a MUST. (Don't talk about reggae music, my friend; it is DEEPLY EMBEDDED in AFRICAN CULTURE!!!)

My second point is that not all music coming out of Jamaica is reggae, similar to the fact that not every music coming out of Trinidad is calypso. As a member of Tripoli, I opened for many  big reggae acts, including Third World and the Wailers. As a resident of Florida, I also have numerous Rasta bredren, including Michael Rose of Black Uhuru (freedom). This group won the FIRST  REGGAE GRAMMY AWARD! This was 1984! Michael Rose and Black Uhuru - First Reggae Grammy Winners

To understand "reggae", you can listen to the words of one of this group's songs, which says, "the world is reggae music. WORD. SOUND, AND POWER"! I wouldn't say parang is calypso, simply because they originate from the same place.

Thirdly, steelband and pan music is a niche market. PERIOD. We need to get used to it. We are not going go see platinum steelband albums winning Grammys, or appearing on the Billboard Music Awards. Same goes for chutney; are we going to fool ourselves into believing that Chutney will appeal to a huge international market? In India, they have Bollywood, and are not concerned about having an outsider tell them how to run their movie business. We need to believe in our product, and understand the market we are in, and stop allowing these people to use these reasons to continue exploiting the local panmen and panwomen of Trinidad and Tobago, while they line their pockets and claim monopoly on what (to them) is a business within an industry.

I say, let Andy go jazz up chutney or soca music. He's already posing with the "Happy Nation", and those music genres are less disciplined; no need for culture. Just wine, wine, wine, and rum, rum, rum. Not to mention, who nanny get lick (sic). Why he doesn't go and jazz up de nanny? lol. Or come up with a cross between chutney and jazz, and call it jutney? Why we need a foreigner to define our music; ou culture? What about the work Boogsie and Tello have been doing before Mr. Narell learned to wrap a pan stick? This is the MILLION DOLLAR question, that  NO ONE,  has been able to satisfactorily answer. Why the "White Jesus" is being beaten into the masses, all over again? I'm sorry, I don't buy into White supremacy, and need no white superhero to help me define who I am, and I can only hope that my fellow countrymen and countrywomen fell the same way. Otherwise, we LOSE WHAT MAKE US UNIQUE, and become "Americanized" or "Jamaicanized". (No dissin' my Yankee and Yardie friends. I admire your patriotism and wish the same for my "Trini" people.)

Finally, in my opinion, it is not the "young people" who have ever ensured the survival of the village, but the ELDERS! The medicine men, griots, and wise old sages. They hand down traditions, that ensured the survival of the species for centuries. I agree, that young people must play a part toward their own success, but let's not get the roles twisted. I totally disagree with leaving the future up to the Justin Biebers, Vybz Kartel, Rick Ross and Nicki Minajs of the World, or leaving the future of pan up to Marcel Montano and Andy Narell. Maybe the future of E-Pan, but not the "National Instrument". ☺ Anyway, looking forward to the continued discussion on this issue, my colleague. Take care.

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.


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