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ANECDOTAL Light at the end of the COVID-19 Tunnel? Trial Drug (REMDESIVIR) given credit for CORONA PATIENT RECOVERY

A Palo Alto (CA) senior (Monica Yeung Arima)  tested positive for the CORONA VIRUS after being admitted to Stanford Hospital -- upon developing a fever and feeling unwell for a few days.

The patient  had underlying medical conditions, including asthma and diabetes. She subsequently developed pneumonia and a persistent cough.

With no improvement in her condition, she was accepted into a clinical trial to test the drug REMDESIVIR which was created as a possible treatment for the deadly Ebola Virus but did not work on that virus.

Once she started taking the drug her pneumonia began to improve. After about two days she started feeling better except for her coughing. And after taking five daily doses of remdesivir she was discharged from the hospital after being there for nearly two weeks -- she is now recovering at home.

A little ray of hope!!!

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Claude - Cuba is also on it. check


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