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Another Look at the Finals Performances of Panorama 2017

Panorama 2017

Trinidad All Stars





Silver Stars


Phase II



Tropical Angel Harps

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I had Trinidad All Stars in 1st. , Renegades in 2nd., Silver Stars in 3rd., Exodus and Despers tied in 4th. Sadly, I think its time that Boogsie "retools"his arranging strategy, because it's obvious that it's not working. As far as the Medium bands go, it's time that Pan Elders move up to the Large band category instead of staying in the Medium and beating up on the other bands.Who ever comes in last in the Large bands should go to the Medium category, and who ever comes in first in the Medium bands, moves up to Large. just saying....

There is nothing like medium bands moving up to large band category. Need to change that mindset, the difference is volume, that is, a few more pans. This does not change the arrangers ability to do better. Eliminate the medium band  category.

How do you expect Pan Elders to move up to Large...do you think DuVonne will leave Renegades for Pan Elders?...I still can't see All Stars beating Renegades though..but say wha..."cockroach not supposed to have no business in fowl party"...

Merrytones there is a thing called "executive order" being thrown around a lot these days. Do Rolly Polly and D'Photo have that type of power?

Bugs boy...I can't answer that question...but the fact that Renegades has a beaver trick of 3rd places and Pan Elders on the other hand has a beaver trick of wins clearly amplifies the inherent problem with this dotish Panorama competition. I am positive that the Renegades massive are not happy. How could they be? In my personal viewpoint (cockroach or not) they won the 2017 Panorama Large band competition hands down. But the fact that DuVonne is the arranger in question for both Pan Elders and Renegades highlights a very serious problem. One which even my band having achieved a hatrick of wins form 2004 to 2006 is guilty of as well. In our case  though our arranger at the time was wooed away to the Medium and Large categories so we kinda had no choice but to stay put as a Small band. But what of Pan Elders now and before them Arima Golden Symphony who have as of last year won the Small Band category on a record six (I think) occasions? Shouldn't they not do like Supernovas and Pan-Demonium and move up in category?

I may be a voice crying in the wilderness, but no serious COMPETITION with multiple "divisions" or "categories" would allow any band to do a hattrick of wins and still continue to plunder the opposition. That is why in the EPL you have a relegation system where the last three teams out of twenty are automatically demoted to a lower division and in turn the three top teams from the lower division are promoted to the EPL. Whether we talking' Sport or Music relegation and promotion makes sense.

So to reiterate my question to Patrick above whither Pan Elders and Renegades? As you would realize this year De Photo got out of his conundrum by firing Ken Philmore in favor of his son. Maybe there is more in the mortar here than the pestle. We will watch and see how the story unravels...but I suspect that even he (De Photo) no one else in Pan Trinbago has the testicular fortitude to do the right thing and  merge the 15 Large bands with the 20-ood Medium band into one category.

merrytonestothebone: Time for you to take a POLITICAL STANCE!!! All of your ideas are sitting on the sidelines; you have to attempt to put them into practice!!!

I thank you MTTTB for your complimentary remarks of Renegades' performance - truly imbued with relevant musical substance and inventiveness and executed with razor-sharp accuracy. Even the 'fugue' inclusion in the coda was not just another 'wow' factor but an insightful touch of class. As a token of appreciation I attach my band's recording for your continued enjoyment.


Much appreciated A.L.Nunes...I listened again this morning after the dust has cleared and glitter has swept away till next year. Yuh know what bro?...Same story...Excitement is one thing...Quality arrangement...Quite another...Some say "idioms"...I say "motivic development"...Renegades by a mile...

Congratulations to all the bands 2017 was awesome.

A talented , well disciplined steelband playing a great arrangement of a popular tune.

Unbeatable combination.

Congratulations to Trinidad All Stars and Smooth Edwards.;

Again !

BTW I think that Boogie's idea of making all those last minute changes did not work out . Musicians did not appear as sure and relaxed as they usually do.

And this was even more so because the tune of choice wasn't a popular tune.

Maybe bands will re-think "own tunes" that suffer for airplay, as against a current tune that gets air play. Good Morning shows that once the musical structure is there, any tune can be a pan tune.remember "Nani Wine'?

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to MASSY ALL STARS . THEY did pull out all the stops to be Victorious.


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