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Another Member of Pan Trinbago's Executive Board has Resigned

There are multiple reports that another member of the Pan Trinbago Executive board has resigned in support of the Pan Players movement.

The Trinidad and Tobago National Panorama competition is slated to begin this Wednesday, January 11, 2017. However, in spite of the great global interest in the event - this year's Panorama is in jeopardy because of allegations of financial and managerial misconduct.

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Yes!!! The Assistant  Secretary!!!

As a creature of POLITICS and as a born and bred Trinidadian, I cannot accept the facade that has been presented by the last three executive members in their resignation letters. They enjoyed all the perks, power and benefits and once they realized that the organization was 31M$ in debt -- that is suddenly when they became righteous and moralistic.

Even Beverley who resigned in 2012 -- she only resigned because her ulterior motive was to become PRESIDENT of PAN TRINBAGO. That was never going to happen.

But Claude you thought the NV was the greatest thing since sliced bread, now yuh knocking the leader?  Get a bajan businessman to run pan in T&T.

What proof do you have that the members became righteous and moralistic only when they realized that the org was in debt? Were they all privy to any and all info and transactions.? Be that as it may, let the investigations begin, rather than cast aspersions.
Somebody gotta prove that these guys were involved in some sort of fraud re debt.

Pan People let’s all gt together and call out Mr, Beresford Hunte former manager, leader, and visionary of Tdad All Stars to come out of retirement and take over as interim leader. Mr Hunte farther was one of the first president of pan trinbago so he has complete understanding and has his pulse on the instrument and the players for quite sometime In addition I have no doubt after evaluating what Berry has done with Tdad All Stars over his 20 years as leader, manager he posses the skill to lead pan trinbago through these rough seas I look forward to hearing from regulars on this forum. Berry for president !!! Like Obama there has NEVER been any accusation of CORRUPTION tossed at him or any conflict of intrest accusations 

It's time to change do not hole back now Pan people let's make this for the future I am in support

Well, we still need about three more resignations before we start NOMINATING.

Merely changing the Board is not the answer. The steelband members are the ones to resign from Pan Trinbago. That way the organization collapses completely. Then the steelband members form a new organization completely. The government will have to take up the slack and pay off the creditors of the defunct Pan Trinbago. The government cannot go past the blame itself since its has been very loose handed in giving Pan Trinbago large sums of money to run Panorama in the past and without having a 3 monthly government audit done so that monies given would have to be accounted for properly. Governments in the past just poured millions of hard earned tax payers monies into the hands of simple pan folk who do not have any financial or business management skills. This has been going on for years and years and it has gone unnoticed by the government. Even though it's an NGO is not an excuse to not have inquired into where monies given to PT for Panorama especially, how was that spent and any funds remaining from that Panorama fund what has been done with it. Also even the funds that PT raised on their own should not have gone into the same bank account with tax payers monies for the simple reason of banks seizing all the funds of tax payers monies. This should never happen again.

The real solution therefore is to disband Pan Trinbago by this process of the very large bands coming out of the membership of PT. It is a system that has had its time and can no longer go on in the 21st century. What is needed is a completely private organisation made up of steel band shareholders, pan players shareholders, businesses holding shares with first preference to businesses who have sponsored bands small or large, anyone who is interested in pan ( me and all the big commentators here on WST) down to pan pushers on carnival days should be able to become a shareholder according to their means. The company should be able to raise its own funds both locally and internationally through the use of the WWW now. This is the meaning of 21st centurypan. If this opportunity is allowed to pass and not go this way, we can safely say the next time this happens, there will be serious repercussions including violence in this country among the pan community. It is that serious. This has to stop. T&T is looking like complete fools now with this nonsense going forward year after year. Governments should not place large sums of monies into the hands of people who do not know how to run a business.

Lest we jump from the fry pan into the fire.

Sidd: The blunt truth is that you cannot put PAN MEN to run PAN TRINBAGO. They could be highly educated or illiterate, it makes no difference. They could be EXPAT or LOCAL, worldly or country, once they come from the PAN CULTURE they will fail in any attempts to move the MOVEMENT FORWARD.

Claude, the Mayor of San Fernando is Skiffle manager, and Ainsworth Mohammed manager of Exodus was a successful banker so to say once they come from the pan culture they will fail I will have to disagree.

I am not talking about their individual academic or professional success or musical skill-set. My opening sentence was that "you cannot put PAN MEN to run PAN TRINBAGO."

This whole discussion for the last few weeks was about PAN PROGRESS from effective management in Pan Trinbago. People are coming on and saying who should lead the organization and who should not lead the organization.

And I am identifying who SHOULD NOT LEAD PAN TRINBAGO. There is a GLOBAL RACE happening with PAN right now and the leader of PAN TRINBAGO should have that GLOBAL VISION to compete.


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