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Anthony Bourdain takes on Trinidad in the latest episode of "Parts Unknown"!

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown: Trinidad (June 2017)

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In a lot of ways the show was anticlimactic for me!!!

Mark Bassant foreshadowing the "imminent bad" on the horizon is visionary. And as Donald Trump would say: VERY SAD!!! Since "THE BAD" will eventually triumph over "THE GOOD PEOPLE".

It's time for the LOCALS to get behind the cameras and do their own representation of the ISLAND!!!

You're quite right about that.
Too often we simply react to what others think of ourselves and generally we have a problem with somebody coming here and making their own opinion of what they see over two days to a week and that becomes what we are judged by.
But we do not do the obvious which is make our own story and put it out there to counter what those with their own agendas say about us.
So whether its al Jazeera or Bourdain, we should not be subject to the whim or fancy of those who come to tell us who we are. We need to be proactive and proudly tell our own stories as we see fit.

Wayne, Claude:

I agree in part with both your comments.

But actually, I think this was a thoughtful and well structured piece. All the producers did really was put up a mirror to the different segments of the society, and let people tell their version of the Truth about us.

That elicits a paradox. For Truth is at once a very simple and a very complicated thing. Some have the gift of speaking it simply and directly. Calypso Rose was like that, maybe because as an artist, and as one who has lived long and well, she long ago learned to cut out the crap and get to the core. Others, well, they can't handle it,  and therefore can't speak it. It's because much of the piece doesn't ring True that we say we should "tell our own story."

But in that case the question will be who will tell it: one who can tell the Truth simply, directly and frankly, but without falling into bitterness and acrimony, or will it be one who simply can't handle the Truth.

This is  a job for an artist with a largeness of heart and spirit, but that also knows in deep spiritual and historical terms who *they* are, and who *we* are. One thing is sure. We are all travelling on the good ship T&T, some in 1st class, some in 2nd class, some in steerage getting sick from the diesel fumes down there in the bowels of the ship. 

The  Syrian fellow was right about the greatest "risk" being "civil commotion," a nice euphemism I haven't heard in a long time. But why, is the question carefully left unanswered.

I want to suggest that part of the answer lies in what Daurius Figueira wrote about: Drug and human trafficking in T&T and the Caribbean more broadly. For speaking truth, he was fired from his post at UWI as a lecturer. That speaks volumes. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHWUhLg1JFo.

Any way, I like to give credit for what someone has done, rather than excoriate them for what they haven't. On that basis, yes I  agree that the True story has not yet been told, however simple or complicated that Truth is.

-Big Sid

Or maybe how UGLY it is.

Patrick: Does that fellah who was leading the "INDIAN RIVER LIME" (doing all the talking) look INDIAN to you? He look like he have plenty "THROW BACK" to me!!! Well, I eh been to TRINIDAD in decades so maybe EVERYBODY MIX UP MIX UP.


And how come dey eh do no FRENCH CREOLE and LOCAL WHITES and NO CHINESE?

Me and you should get some cameras and do we own documentary!!!

And why everybody so vex because dem SYRIANS say dey run tings and some people vex with Bourdain because he talk about the CRIME and the RACISM.

Patrick: How come KIM JOHNSON keep cutting BOOGSIE OFF and would not him talk?

I need some serious answers from you Patrick!!!

You made some good observations here Boi. you could also ask who is responsible for bringing all the Drugs, Guns and money laundering in the land? it is common knowledge in T&T that it has to be someone of "POWER" The dominant race are the ones that was set-up.

Excellent questions, Claude. I'd rather not give the answers which you already have.

Patrick: I want to send you a RASTA WIG!!! Let me know if you want a Black or Grey or Salt and Pepper. But you have to wear it 24/7 even when you are sleeping. Because we want you ALIVE on this forum. I love your sense of cynicism which makes me chuckle!!!

Anybody knows what the term "PARR  CHAHEE" means among the Indian Community in Trinidad? I am spelling it phonetically because I have only HEARD the term from the mouth of TRINIDAD INDIANS and never seen it written!!!

Of course I know the meaning!!! So I am just asking!!!


Never heard it, don't know what it means. But inquiring minds want to know...

-Big Sid

Mr. -Big Sid: As you can see, over 1000 PEOPLE (and I am sure that they are mostly TRINIS) have looked at this video and only three people have commented on it. In some ways, I am kind of shocked but in other ways I am not. After MUCH ANTICIPATION I ended up looking at the video ONCE. And I am sure that I will not give it a second look -- and, by the way, the last sentence in my initial comment did not come from the REAL CLAUDE. It came as a reaction to the many negative comments I read in response to the video -- even before I had seen it.

PARR CHAHEE (according to the many Indians i grew up with and worked with and hung out with in Trinidad) means THROW BACK.

Now I am not going to get into the subtlety of that as it relates to my view of the video -- on this forum.

I am sure that there are some INDIAN PEOPLE FROM TRINIDAD (among the 1000+ viewers) who could come on and explain further. But since I put show much effort into keeping this forum alive and make so many enemies in the process -- I have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT ... for once in my life!!!

As intelligent and broadly read as you are: I am sure that you got the PICTURE!!!


I don't  get the specific allusion as to parr chahee and the video, but of course I'm reasonably well clued in to the general context. If I looked at it again I might get it, but I won't.

I understand the sensitivity. But I say to hell with political correctness. If we lack the courage to confront what needs to be confronted, then we guarantee the outcome least desired.

Malcolm talked about "chickens coming home to roost". That may apply in this context, although this may not be the right forum to address it.

-Big Sid


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