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It must not go unnoticed that Renegades have staged a Classical Concert in the middle of Panorama preparations. This was all part of showcasing the music that will be presented on their 10 days tour of France. As a lover of Pan and a supporter of Trinidad All Stars, I tip my hat to Renegades and I am heartened by such developments, as I deem them to be very progressive for the steelband movement. I trust that others would take note of this and realise that Panorama, as a significant event, is not the be all and end all of the reason to exist. Let us all encourage more Renegades.

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I agree with you sir, your description of the facts speaks volumes of the institution, its structure, its vision and its mission. I too want to take this opportunity and openly applaud RENEGADES on raising the bar.


And, as a Renegades fan for decades, I am thrilled by this.

This is awesome - Congrats to Renegades. It would be great to know there schedule for those who have family, friends or acquaintances in France that would love to attend. 


Well said. I look  forward with hope and exceptions to the development of a robust long range strategic plan to guide present and future directions for the further growth, refinement and expansion of Trinidad's steel symphonic industry.  One or two steel symphonies touring internationally, in the larger scheme of things, might be limited in terms of global reach, influence and impact. In the longer term, imagine an opportunity to harness the current public good-will and enthusiasm as a predicate to pursue a more expansive strategic approach to promote and benefit economically from this unique music enterprise. 

There might be no better time than the present to mobilize the appropriate interest groups, in and external to T&T, with the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to undertake a progressive agenda, one that is designed to professionalize this industry based on sound business principles, practices and modelling. The possibilities are limitless and incredibly with reach. Blessings


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