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Hi , I don't know if everyone out there knows this that's why I am sharing this . Apple has an app called the digital pan app you can download for free . It has all the pans a steelband has and you play the pan by touching the notes . I heard a group of guys got together and played like a full steelband. This app allows you to have your pan with you wherever there is Internet access.

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Great app!
Thanks for letting us know Winston!

I've seen this app; some of our Pan Dragons have it on their iPhones  & iPads. It's wonderful on a tablet!

I have a very similar Android version called Steelpan With Me on my Samsung S2.

You don't need internet access once you've downloaded it; everything is on your device to use it anytime!

Thanks love city pan dragon , thanks for letting us know about the Internet access . I did not know this blessings


here are 2 more:    http://blacksheep.sil.at

Thanks for reminding to download this app; plumb forgot all about it with so much other stuff out there in the music market.

Actually Apple does not have an app. There is a pan app sold (in this case given away) on Apple's iTunes store.

That app is a Trini invention (if you want to call it that) designed right here in Trinidad.


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