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Aquil Arrindell failed the staff of Pan Trinbago. “No pay” is the cry.

;this was just sent to my bands email address.

by; Aquil Arrindell

This is the second issue that made me lose sleep while I was a member of Pan Trinbago’s executive and now, as an outside member. The first issue was due to a youth festival the president asked me to manage during pan month 2016.

Because of a lack of funds, I suggested that we enter into a joint venture with LH Pan Grove Academy who already had a youth event in the making. The total budget for the event was $40,000. Pan Trinbago gave the assurance that they would contribute $10,000.00 toward the event. My band, San City Juniors, played at the event for free, while LH Pan Groove had the responsibility to refresh my members and cover the cost for our transportation, a figure of $1,500.00. The ERO’s band also played and he charged his price. At the end, when NLCB gave him the money to assist for pan month, the ERO paid himself, suggested to me that I should take my $1,500.00 out of a now $5,000.00 allocation, which would leave $3,500.00 for LH Pan Academy. I was told, by the president, to tell LHPA that this was all the money we had gotten. After a restless night, I called the president and told him not to pay me until LHPA got all of their $10,000.00. To this date, the $10,000.00 has not been paid nor my $1,500.00 for transport, but I sleep peacefully at night.

Now that I’m hearing about the two months of no pay for the staff of Pan Trinbago, my sleep is elusive again. Those ladies and gentlemen treated me like a son and I am now feeling that I have failed them in some way. How could we justify one man allegedly receiving an honorarium of $80,000.00 plus an alleged salary of “under” $30,000.00. Together with his financial adviser who averages $150,000.00 every three months. What for, I must ask. Because we are now 30 million dollars in debt.

I must say to Aunty Ann, Aunty Zena, Aunty Helen, Aunty Ermine, Aunty Fox and all the other members of staff in the central executive and regional executive, on behalf of all the members of the CIP, we are sorry and we empathize with your situation. We are working feverishly to get this selfish executive out and bring some semblance of integrity to our organization.

Mr. Diaz, stop thinking about yourself and step down. Your staff is suffering because of you.

Document of Concerned Individuals for Pan 

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The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago (Dr Keith Rowley) recently (just this week) admitted that the major challenge facing his Government is the extent of corruption in Trinidad and Tobago. And don't forget the quote from the PNM Minister of Housing in 1986 election campaign: "All ah we tief!!!"

So why are people coming on this forum and pointing fingers at the Right Honourable Keith Diaz as if he is the only corrupt thief in Trinidad and Tobago. How much debt is Petrotrin in -- and whey the money gone?

And the ONE THING I could say about the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ is that he never washes PAN TRINBAGO'S dirty linens in public.

Message to Doctor Dolly/CIP/BIG 5/New Visionaries/Bugs/Cecil/Tobago Region/And Friends: KEITH DIAZ is not STEPPING DOWN from office until 2020. So all who have eyes on his "under" $30,000 a month plus his $80,000 honorarium they better find another way to generate that kind of income.

If CORRUPTION is the CULTURE of Trinidad & Tobago, WHAT is the PROBLEM?

Mi Amigo, CORRUPTION has been a part of OUR CULTURE since before 1611, so check this out,
ESPANA de TRINIDA..(Puerto Espana/Port of Spain)
In the 17th century when Trinidad was a Spanish colony it became infamous for its corruption. It was the main port for English and Dutch smugglers and pirates. In 1611 Spain sent an investigative judge to the island. He discovered that everyone in the island is corrupt. He reported that if he had to start hanging offenders he had to start with the children because everyone was guilty, even the women, even children ten years old. He recommended a general pardon, so this is NOT NEW...

HA,HA,HA,real monkey business oui.

I am now reading that Pan Trinbago's staff have not been paid in two months. Does this means that these employees have been labouring for free? I also read on another post that Pan Trinbago will pay the panist on September 4th. If I suggest that instead of paying the panist, pay the employees, I will be singing Machel and Ian's "Busshead" (lol)

Govt should not be paying anybody for anything that's pan related. Doh pay nobody nutten. No funding for PT. No stipends for panmen. No argument, no quarrel, no kuchur.
Well, they could pay for transportation for steelbands on de road MONDAY only. Otherwise, not a damn cent fuh dem.

I don't know how the CIP is going to represent PAN MEN and run a successful administration when they could only deliver half the facts in their declarations to the public.

Why are all these AUNTIES and all other members of the staff suddenly NOT BEING PAID? Is it because Doctor Dolly grabbed all the GATE RECEIPTS from the last panorama? And do you think that you could remove THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ working "feverishly" -- I don't think so!!! You need to be working "TERRORISTICALLY" to bring down Emperor Keith Diaz!!!

The real question of the week-end is how much money PAN MEN are going to be getting: $500 or $1000? The CIP should have had a SPY in the PAN TRINBAGO OFFICE to bus' that mark before MONDAY MORNING. And what is the CIP going to do if the checks are written for $500? Organize another 6-man March? And where is Gregory Lindsay? Why is he silent?

Since I always look at Trinidad through a racial lens: Is the CIP going to have an ALL BLACK EXECUTIVE when they take over PAN TRINBAGO? Or is every creed and race going to find an equal place on that executive board?

What a world we live in today: A White Racist running America and a Black Racist running Trinidad; and Canada refuse to give me a VISA -- no place to run for me!!! Not to mention (out of context) that with all that FOOTBALL TALENT in the country we cannot find a decent coach who could get the team to WIN! WIN! WIN! One set ah big talk and gallery from the current coach and is only LOSE! LOSE! LOSE! Good thing the YANKEE FOOTBALL SEASON starting this week so I have something to distract me from the pain and suffering I feel for what used to be SWEET T&T!!!

mr claude i can't like nah. i have to love you. lol

Alll of us like it so. At least, i am glad that this young person has the gall to speak out and forget ,"victimisation" It is not the President alone, it is the entire committee. 

Pan Trinbago has hit rock bottom and the only decent thing for them to do is step down. Pan People should not have to wait until next October to select leadership.


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