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I take pleasure in suggesting to the steelpan fraternity, that Aquil Arrindell be seriously considered for the position of PRESIDENT in the upcoming pantrinbago central executive elections.

I urge all registered bands to consider suggesting to their delegates that they cast their vote in favor of AQUIL ARRINDELL  unanimously when that time comes.

Thank you.

to be continued...

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What can we say, it's this time again... Aye Russell are you on the ticket with Aquil?

In 2009 BOOGSIE SHARPE  said that for the pan fraternity to survive, people with business in their blood must have an input into the day-to-day affairs of the organisation.

Anyway, as desperate as BEVERLEY is to hold on to the $27,000 a month salary and the SUV and the APARTMENT and all the ALLOWANCES on top of that -- NOBODY EH BEATING BEVERLEY.

Imagine BEVERLEY taking PAN TRINBAGO money and PAYING CONSULTANTS to ADVISE HER ... and look where things are STILL.


So yuh mean the consultants on Pan Trinbago payroll too?

Cecil: Meh LONDON GIRL FRIEND HUSBAND from TRINIDAD!!! And she tell me that sometimes when she ask him ah question -- he does tell she THAT SHE ASKING ANSWERS.


Hell, if yuh need ah $35,000 LOAN -- just ask BEVERLEY!!!


Claude:  my husband is from MORVANT and you know they don't make jokes there!!

I've caught up on all the posts and one thing I have to ask.  If the Government is paying the salaries for Pan Trinbago employees, can the President increase salaries to keep employees?  I'm confused.

Could I ask the reasoning? Why should this person be considered for president?

Great question IPP. These are some of the qualities, qualifications and facts that influence my decision to encourage support for someone I have criticized and disagreed with publicly in the past. Aquil Arrindell is a player,  arranger, producer, educator, administrator with the ability, passion experience, vision with YOUTH in his favor, possessing the ability to take the local movement forwatd post covid 19, and the capacity to elevate the status of the pan globally.

Russell Providence your a FRAUD! How could you say this, when about two years ago u wrote a very distusting letter about mr arrindell's character? Now tell me, what could have possibly provoked this unpallatable change of view point.

  • Raley King you may have read my response, but obviously did not understand  what I wrote. 
  • "Politics has a morality of its own" - Basdeo Panday.


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