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TING ah never thought ah woulda see --  ah seeing now!!!

If yuh could make me ah DELEGATE in SAN CITY STEELBAND ah coming down and run in THIS ELECTION. Me and BUGS and Cecil does support all THE CIP postings on THIS FORUM -- diligently!!!

So one ah we deserve to be on this NEW EXECUTIVE!!! In the COSMIC WORLD it eh have no TIME and DISTANCE and AGE and TING!!! Is just one integrated WHOLENESS at the molecular level (or maybe below that).

So open up YOUR MIND and LET US IN!!!

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Listen Mr. Claude, the ideas and discussions i witness on this forum, all of the WST family are more than qualify to sit at the head table and make meaningful change to PT.

So as i told yesterday, pull the team and make sure Mr. Ingrid on it eh. 

Just a few preconditions Mr. Aquil

We want a building to set-up a "living" Pan museum that will house historical artifacts and data - in addition to live performances. 

We want an Uber service that will take folks directly to museum from the airport. We want tax breaks for all who visit the museum when file their taxes.

We want our own 24-7 Pan broadcast channel and a building for a Pan dedicated production facility. The Pan revolution must be televised.

We want a building for research and development that is nurturing and open to community inventors first as well as developing mutually (or one sided in our favor) beneficial working relationships with UWI, MIT and other world universities.

We want a building that will have everything we need to teach pan people in the region about The Business of Music.

And sponsors  partners names/logos cannot be in front anything, anytime, anywhere. 



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