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Aquil Arrindell: When ME and EARL RICHARDS come down in YOUR STUDIO and make a CALYPSO HIT -- yuh better make sure that COTT pay we all we money, eh. Otherwise we suing U and TAKING YUH HOUSE & STUDIO

Aquil: Yuh better read up on all dem COTT LAWS before ME and EARL RICHARDS start producing music in yuh studio.

We eh sitting down like dem other people and GET ROB by COTT -- yuh know!!!

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Hey, WST family I know I have been a little far these days, not only on WST but in the whole pan movement. I have been working on the 3 E's plan I came up with when I was campaigning for the VP post of Pan Trinbago. Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment.  A big idea is a big idea so I am investing money to make it a reality. What is needed is a work station and a creative centre that is fully equipped to do audio and video recording. The infrastructure is almost finished and I have just enough equipment to start, so on the 11th December, which is just about a week away, I will be launching the studio. I am inviting you to the tune in on my fb live to get some of the action on the evening. There will also be the unveiling of a functional art piece called THE CELLO, paying homage to all the great cello-pan players all over the world, created by yours truly.

I would love to have all of my WST family tuned in but I really wish that somehow Earl Richards can be there in person. Men like him really inspire me to push for excellence as not only a panist but a cultural ambassador. 


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