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Tobago, W.I.- Chairman of the National Carnival Commission Patrick Arnold has crossed swords with the THA's position of no second carnival for Tobago.

Arnold who served for 12 years as President of Pan Trinbago was recently appointed as head of the national carnival body. He has taken issue with the THA position to oppose a second carnival for Tobago. 

Arnold who is an internationally recognised pan tuner feels that "The THA was denying lucrative opportunities for Tobago's cultural artistes and the island's tourism industry by the position it has taken on the matter." Arnold said "while countries all over the world were using Trinbago-styled carnival as major tourism events, Tobago which is part of the twin island Republic was being denied the right to benefit exclusively from such an event."

....Arnold recalled how Our Boys steel band from Tobago participated in Trinbago styled carnivals in New York, Canada and Texas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He wondered what meaningful arguments the THA could use to deny the people of Tobago the right to stage an exclusive Tobago carnival when it was done before. 
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Good on you Patrick you have my support on that Tobago needs all the exposure it can get to boost its economy.


THA and Orville London is not PUTTING TOBAGO FIRST they are continuing with their sycophant politricks. Because the Peoples Pardnership Government came up with the idea for a second canival in Tobago they are opposing for opposing sake.


The central government is footing the bill for the event to bolster the tourist industry in Tobago Orville London you should resign and elect someone with vision for Tobago future TOBAGO IS A TOURIST ECONOMY.......

Arnold is right,Tobago should also be part of the Carnival Islands in the Caribbean.

Arnold only intrest in this is to do like what he did as pantrinbago president FULL HE POCKET nothing else.

He's not alone.

The THA chairman's mind set is controlled by his party connections and nothing else. In fact Politics is the main reason why Tobago hasn't enjoyed a better share of the World Tourism Trade. The minute anybody other than Tobagonians, especially if they are not a member of the PNM, attempts to offer constructive advise, he retorts immediately..." stay out of Tobago business" ....he is such a hypocrite AND MOST TIMES HIS EXPLANATIONS ARE SO SILLY......The only way for Tobago to make any advances in Tourism.......is when the PNM cohorts are completely removed from the THA........

You may be right,but he has a point.

Are going to exclude Tobago from the activities that take place now in Trinidad,and Tobago.I would like to see Gypsy justify spending taxpayers money to have fund two carnivals in Tobago,while systematically denying pan players a measly $200.,after practising from Christmas,to Carnival Tuesday.

So what are they having on  Monday 2oth feb 2012 and Tuesday21feb 2012. what do you call that.

The Trinidad Carnival (and similar festivals in New Orleans and Brazil) is a pre-Lenten festival based on the Christian calendar, and rooted in history.

All the other Trinidad style Carnivals celebrate different things; for example Labor Day in the US, Crop-over in Barbados.

Remember how in the old days, Carnival would end exactly at midnight on Carnival Tuesday night, as Ash Wednesday heralded the start of Lent?
Not a musical note was heard after that relating to the Carnival.

There are social and cultural reasons why Carnival is celebrated in Trinidad at that time of year, and it begins a cycle of carnivals through the year from the Caribbean to North America and Europe.

As a matter of fact , since many mas-men and entertainers participate in most if not all the Carnivals, the Carnival calender is already crowded.

It doesn't seem to make social, cultural or economic sense to add another "Carnival" to the calendar just for Tobago, although it would probably do no harm, and a Tobago Festival, not necessarily a Carnival, is quite feasible.

well,lets focus on our sister island and help the culture through her in any way that we can,. ; make economic sense; for who.

In all seriousness I'm in support of having something cultural like a festival but if people think this will boost the economy significantly I say no.
Real economic growth stems on international business relationships that will provide jobs for the many not the few like a call centre in India does.
Like most of us I love music + carnival but I also know you can't party your way through life.
Besides do you wanna overrun the land with hotels that will probably only be full for two weeks a year?


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