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Seeing that the pool of arrangers is more than the bands, it might be in the best interest of a band if they change their arranger if he/she is not competitive. It's only a matter of time before bands realize that panorama is one song so they might as well get the best for the money they put out for an arranger.

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Cecil: My arranger is MERRYTONES. Ah backing him right up to the TOP!!!

Thanks for the flattery Claude…

Cecil I don't agree that the pool of arrangers is more than the bands. Last year the four categories of panorama had 176 bands. Some arranged for more than one category. Basically it's the same names over and over,new blood is needed.

Gerard, did you count the arrangers in England, USA, Canada, France, I'm sure there's a few arrangers that might be willing to work with a band in the Mecca.

Good point Cecil, very few community steel-bands exists in Trinidad today. Players for years now keep jumping from band to band to also 'eat ah food'. Agree, a way for many bands to have a better chance to win panorama.

Cecil many arrangers all over the globe would like to work with bands in the Mecca the money nice and the experience good.For me and I can speak for some others,the few who came over the years did not get very far. Look back at the results of the few who came. If they start in the small band category and work their way up that would help. Having gone to panoramas overseas it makes a big difference when you work with 50 or so players versus 120.

Even down here people are applying to arrange for large bands and they don't even make the single pan finals. Would you hire such a person? Many won't.

Mr. Clarke you seem to know a WHOLE LOT about this PAN THING. Me eh go argue with you!!!!

Gerard,  I believe that there are  foreign arrangers who will jump at the opportunity to arrange for a small band in the Mecca, most times their motive might not money driven but to acquire the experience. 

Yes Cecil, some would be happy for the opportunity to work with a small band for the experience and not be money driven, but they must have some type of credentials.

Bands want brand name Arrangers,  Who? Who is he? I never hear bout he, that's the way it goes.

Gerard, if there is a web site that list the opportunities available for arrangers I'm sure the question of credentials can be addressed.

You people can't be serious…if ANY arranger local or foreign thinks he/she is worth there salt they should approach ANY band BIG or SMALL…or in between…who tell you that small bands need foreign arrangers?…There are Mega bands over 50 years in the business that haven't produced an arranger from their ranks…as long as steel bands choose to continue to ignore their own home-grown talent they will continue to be be in deep deep shite…The ONLY reason that bands hire "outside" help is to WIN and while we all understand that, few of us are prepared to acknowledge that there is a sting in that tail…when you accept "outside" help you do so your peril because "outside" help is there solely to make MONEY and promote themselves…and while nothing is wrong with that, check the bands and arrangers who have been most successful over the years and your would see that it is only the bands with longstanding arranger relationships that have been winning…Boogsie - Phase II, Exodus - Pelham, Smooth - All Stars, Silver Stars - Pouchette (deceased), Duvonne - La Horquetta and San Juan All Stars, Jit - Renegades and BJ Marcell -Arima Golden Symphony…all the above have had long long relationships with their bands…even yesteryear's Ray and Starlift and Earl Rodney and Harmonites…Yuh think that was by guess?...


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