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By Samuel Lochan

Prime Minister Keith Rowley recently promised the people of Laventille that the Government would find the money to develop the area and he made further statements about diversification, tourism and pan. He also expressed the opinion that the Panorama competition had outlived its usefulness and some other kind of initiatives were now necessary to maximise the potential of pan, especially in the context of the need for diversification. All this in light of the fact that three steelbands from the Laventille area had been very successful in this year’s Panorama.
Lloyd Best’s plan for pan is extremely relevant in the present context and can address three pressing problems simultaneously: community violence in areas like Laventille, school violence and underachievement, and diversification and export promotion.


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They have been talking about that BEST PLAN FOR PAN since 1995. I read a hundred stories about that. And Rowley made that BIG SPEECH over a year ago. What has he done since? Everybody got a PLAN FOR PAN and what do we have in reality: KEITH DIAZ ripping of PAN MEN and young men leaving Laventille and roaming all over the country (especially South) robbing and killing and raping and the latest rage is home invasions and slitting throats.

Lloyd Best saw the panyard as a platform for economic growth and development. He saw the panyard as a centre of excellence and a pole of innovation and native entrepreneurship. He saw as one of the assets of the panyard the “capacity for civic harmony and community collaboration” as well as the potential for engaging “sleeping resources” and “native intuition”

In keeping with this insight Lloyd saw the panyard as natural zone of community mobilization, individual industry, discipline and talent through the production of music. He saw the panyard as a platform for generating direct services in music of course but also a range of other related activities and trades. In addition to concert type performances, there could be CDs and other services such as school feeding, designer clothes, homework centres, the teaching of all kinds of music. In addition, since touring is an essential aspect of the bands, tours could be a vehicle for marketing all of the products of Trinidad and Tobago. An overhaul of panorama competition could see competition not just on music but also different aspects of the panyard environment.

Team-work in the village...

New steelband body formed

Formed in 2010 with assistance by late attorney Theodore Guerra, the ISF is a non-profit organisation and its mission statement includes providing research and development to materials and acoustics and development of new pan tuners; providing advice on the marketing internationally of the players, the instrument and the music; to organise youth programmes in steelbands and to promote musical literacy among players; to access funding from International Funding Agencies; to produce, promote and stage concerts, festivals and other events; to manufacture and sell steelpan instruments including a chroming facility; and, to organise training courses, seminars, workshops on aspects of the steelpan industry.



Good timing Carmona! One man on one bank of the river and EVERBODY ELSE on the CRIME BANK!


"it is our intention to collaborate with the governing body."

If they are looking to collaborate with KEITH DIAZ and the GOVERNING BODY of PAN TRINBAGO -- they are done DOOMED already. There are THOUSANDS of EXPATS all around the globe who are DYING to assist in an effort like this and who could bring really good ideas to this organization. I saw the word "INTERNATIONAL" in the TITLE; that is supposed to mean something.

Look!!! Doctor Abdullah come on here and preach the gospel for them -- ah wonder if anybody understand it. And I don't mean the WORDS. I mean the PRACTICAL APPLICATION. They need some EXPATS on that BOARD!!!


They already have the experts/professionals on board, a lawyer, an economist, a pan scientist, a marketing specialist and CEO. I'm  sure they know, what they don't know about PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.

odw, WHAT PAN SCIENTIST, CAN HE PLAY ONE OR MAKE ONE, y'all are enablers, that is Y the steel pan musical instrument is under SIEGE, the man is a PLAGIARIST, who infringe SNSE's/Williams Internally Designed Patent and U.S.Copyrighted, Technology, where he and the former late PM his cousin et al embezzled $90.9 million US dollars T&T's treasury, got caught went to trial where the LOST the claim when they failed to file a defense dead line March 26th 2014, fail to pay the claim, where two months later June 2014 to later manipulate the law, via "Obstruction of Justice" by their Judge Rodney Boodoosin, well it's not over until the fat lady sings, and in this case there's NO fat lady, which means that, there's 2 foreign syndicate who owns 49% shares of the 4ths & 5ths technology, who has already decided that they're not taking any prisoners, I hope you know what that means...

JJJ, Like the old folks say only TIME will TELL...I'm also mindful of those trying to exploit a persons TIME. I'm a results oriented person.

Without panorama, pan dead.

Economy of words, Patrick!!! I like it!!!

HEY PATRICK, U TOO??? man I'm disappointed in you, pan IS NOT DEAD, nor is it gonna be dead in our lifetime, its will be here for a long, long, loonng time after were gone, and future generations will rediscover it, in an attempt to pursue it's agenda, alleging that an alien had dropped it off, where we really are "Electrode Time Travelers on a journey through time" and that journey ends with death my friend,, so dead NOT GONNA HAPPEN...

WST famliy, you ever tried panting seeds on infertile land. We have good seed no doubt, but once it has to come out of Pan Trinbago under this present structure, it would never grow or bear fruit. hence the A to Z document. Mr. Claude said it is to long, but we will all agree it have plenty to change.


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