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Newsday January 18th, 2019

Gary Cardinez

THE most popular song for 2019 Carnival Hookin Meh by Darryl Farmer Nappy Henry has become a sort of “test piece” for Conventional Large bands in Panorama.

Five bands, led by defending champions BPTT Renegades will be playing Hookin Meh; very early arranger Duvone Stewart and the management and players chose the song as a leading contender. They waited a bit to hear other songs before making it the tune of choice.

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So i take it that you are ruling out Boogsie, Smooth, Zanda, Pelham, Greenidge from being victorious in the up coming 2019 Panorama. Well i will repeat what A.L.Nunes said, (i'ii will remember that claude)..
Claude you also have to make up your mind, on one hand you like Duvone to repeat and on the other hand you like the three New York arrangers.

Earl: The TRINIDAD that I grew up in WILL NEVER allow three MUSICIANS to come from NEW YORK and beat the LOCALS in a PANORAMA ... and since DUVONE and the THREE AMIGOS are the ONLY TWO CONTESTANTS in the race -- well yuh get THE PICTURE.

The superiority of Duvone's winning arrangement last year was indisputable as evidenced not merely by the points attained, but by the fact that the proverbial winning horse led from pole to pole. They won the Prelims, the Semis, and certainly, the Finals. Perhaps you may have forgotten.

To recap, it was a sweet-sounding, old-fashioned cutarse that Renegades dished out. It was a tad long in coming and more than likely, for Mr A. L. Nunes, too long.

But, despite the New York Trio's wondrous performance, and not to take anything away from them — they also ran. And surely, you are not of the opinion that their not winning had anything to do with what Trinidad was like in years gone by, or, what Trinidad is now.

Trinidad is more sophisticated than that, and one need not be a Panorama judge to feel insulted even if vicariously (by such a reckless implication).

We all wish the N.Y. trio much luck and success at Panorama this year.

Now Earl, surely you must have observed that, in the sport of kings, there are some who would place their bets on all 8 horses in a 8-horse race. It's not a matter of making up their mind — it's a matter that they think they never "lose".
Yuh get de picture.


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