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I often wonder if it is necessary to for steelbands to put out the money they do on uniforms for panorama? It's no easy task outfitting one hundred plus people and you can tell by the way some of them look that they put out some good dollars in order to look nice on their big night. Is there a prize for appearance, what about the bands that don't have a sponsor? they are faced with the task of finding uniforms too.

Cutting back on the elaborate uniform and giving the pan people more pay is better use of money

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It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyhow, pan-men (and women) have been the sound-men of note.  I was told that expression came from the old days when pan-men had the most hip dan-dan outfits yet "sounded" wciked when they played their pan.  We doh have to sacrifice looking good for playing bad.  The two can harmonize for best effect.

Andre, How did Phase ll look this year? what they did is exactly what I am talking about, they went for simple, no doubt cutting the cost of uniforms and still had a good presentetion.


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