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Beyond 'Pan In Danger - Death lurking for Meyer Levin and Steelband Program

Death lurking for Meyer Levin and Steelband Program


New York, USA - The temperature was rising. The affected community residents were there in force - emotional, and very vocal on their positions as it relates to the matter at hand. And as the phrase goes in Brooklyn - “the doo doo is about to hit the fan.” But was, or is, anybody listening?

So here is the plan: next Fall, kindergarten kids from a charter school called the “Uncommon Kings Collegiate Charter School (18K285)” will be ‘given’ the third floor of Meyer Levin Junior High School. Meyer Levin is a dedicated Performing Arts school in Brooklyn that has a long and awesome history. In addition, grades one through five of this “Uncommon Charter” will be phased in over the next five years into Meyer Levin. What kind of sick “Criminal Minds” would want to mix kindergarten children or even grades 1-5 with Junior High School students? 
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Very interesting story from a "changing demographics" perspective. Throughout CALIFORNIA, historically BLACK TOWNS from Los Angeles to San Jose to Oakland to Richmond to San Pablo are being overtaken by Mexicans. And once they gain ownership of the houses and apartments -- they only rent and sell to Mexicans. So across the country BLACKS are being displaced and losing POLITICAL POWER in the process.  One way or another!!!!

Where was BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE  when THIS BATTLE was going on?

But now all of a sudden she is the MESSIAH FOR PAN EDUCATION IN AMERICA.


 here it is again no respect for the steel pan,


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