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The INTERNET was launched way back in the NINETIES and up to this date PAN PEOPLE in Trinidad cannot set up a decent website to represent the instrument. (WHEN STEEL TALKS in AMERICA had to save the day!)

Jonathan Scales and Andy Narell flying all over the world being global ambassadors for PAN and all the PAN GENIUSES sitting down in Trinidad waiting for the NEXT PANORAMA.

Nobody could organize a STEELBAND to do a WORLD TOUR to showcase the great improvements in the instruments or to open up new markets for the PRODUCTS. With the right tour managers a project like this could lead to all kinds of opportunities for PAN.

Don't talk about the lack of quality PAN MUSIC with any kind of GLOBAL APPEAL. That is a GOLDEN POND just waiting for the right COMPOSERS and PRODUCERS. With INDIGISOUNDS  you don't have to even hassle with PRIMA DONNA pan men with half-tuned pans and attitude and tardiness and shallow musical vocabularies.

I read about all these grandiose FIRST WORLD ideas people want to overlay on rusty THIRD WORLD structures, but how about some MUSIC INDUSTRY FUNDAMENTALS.

Over ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS is spent on PAN EVERY YEAR with nothing to show for it.


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Yuh sure right money is not the problem, one just have to look at the lack of involvement of Steelband in Carnival and you could figure out the mentality of who you are dealing with.

Specifically those that's involved with the steelband. If one should look at those that bring out the DJ bands you would see how each year they come with some new gimmick  to capture their supporters, they are innovative, on the other hand the steelband people in ah corner feelin sorry for themselves. 

This forum is now addressing the situation that should be instead of "which arranger did this or that"
Trinis at home seems all consumed with "arrangers" and not about protecting conserving and promoting "pan".
Claude and Cecil you're correct $ and Panorama is not the problem.
After all these years since PanAm and Winnifred Atwell collaborated on a presentation and recording that is still being enjoyed, we're still asking and wondering why,when and who?
No dreamers or thinkers in the "land of Pan"?

Hi Claude

I agree with what you are saying. Check out our website and you will see something different. On the site you can also enjoy our special projects including the film English Magic with the sound track preformed by the Melodians. www.melodiansuk.co.uk

We have visited over 35 countries around the world including North Korea, Europe and Africa. all the countries are listed on the site. We are "The band that plays the World"  

Terry Noel MBE JP

Leader Melodians Steel Orchestra UK.

Terrance: Just imagine if you had the accreditation of the MINISTRY OF CULTURE of TRINIDAD & TOBAGO -- with linkage to their diplomatic channels around the world -- and you could represent yourself as designated GLOBAL AMBASSADORS for the music. Above and beyond the initiative you have shown on your own.

PAN TRINBAGO sitting down on ALL OF THAT and are only concerned with how they can STEAL PANORAMA MONEY and MONEY FROM SPONSORS; and CHEAT THE PAN MEN.

Hi Claude

This is part of the Ambassador's speech during our visit to Vienna to perform at HM The Queen Birthday Party "

 Members of the orchestra also conducted Steelpan Workshop sessions with pupils of the Vienna Bilingual Middle School,

 Mr. Noel was pleased to relate that the British Ambassador, in delivering his Welcome Address and Feature speech, told his audience of dignitaries from many other countries that the music they are hearing is the scintillating sounds of the Steel Pan, and that this particular band was one of the Cultural Ambassadors of Britain to the world.

Another highlight of the evening’s proceedings was the rendering of the British National Anthem – “God Save The Queen…” which the Orchestra played live with vigorous and melodious accompaniment by Ambassador Smith on his trumpet". On the British Diplomatic circuit the pan is usually referred to as part of British Culture.




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