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Congratulations to BIG 5 on a excellent show, it was evident that you all wanted to to have a world class show, you succeeded.

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WHAT AH SHOW, eh CECIL!!! They just have to go back to the drawing board now and map the future!!! DOCTOR DOLLY gave them a lot of HELP so I have to be nice to her on the FORUM now!!!

The BIG 5 is the light at the end of the tunnel, I expect great things from them, I also believe they will also restore the confidence of sponsors.

They have already restored the confidence of SPONSORS -- did you see the 5 COMPANIES at the bottom of one of their internet pictures. And I am sure that there were others. That SOUTH show sure to be a SELLOUT.


Would you PLEASE  do me the favor of noting down for me, the SOUTH show details.

My transmission was in and out, I think due to weather here at the time,

but I did not see what you mentioned.


YES agree this was a show...to have BEEN THERE !  

So unlucky in life, to not be in Trinidad yesterday.

BUT, am grateful to all the technical folks who filmed, streamed

did all that work behind the scenes to make the live stream happen.

It was fantastic.


I think they should have used only South bands for the upcoming show  in South.

Cecil: I agree with you to have only South bands and same also for Tobago unit.  Fonclaire should definitely be included in that lineup.  We can't have a South pan concert without hearing 'Pan By Storm' just saying.

Jen Jag: It's a BIG 5 INITIATIVE!!! It is their BRAND!!! So one of the BIG 5 BANDS will always have to be a part of the SHOW. Plus, ALL STARS is a BIG DRAW and they have to SELL TICKETS.

Cecil is a TONG MAN but yet he pushing this SOUTH HEAD. I don't even know what direction SOUTH is even in -- just joking South People!!!

We giving allyuh SKIFFLE and SUPERNOVAS!!! Take that and say GOD IS LOVE!!! LOL!!!

Aquil: You are  BIG WIG in the PAN TING!!! Could you contact the BIG 5 and get them to put FONCLAIRE on the show!!! Please!!!

Claude: Just a reminder that Supernovas is from the East so at the South concert Skiffle is the only south band in the lineup of three so far.  I am sure the southerns will appreciate a little more.  Let's throw in Pan Elders for good measure also.

Pan Elders? Absolutely.


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