Big 5 Notes by Dalton Narine

Queen’s Hall meets the Savannah meets the Road.


These musicians are pouring their hearts out to diverse audiences, and yet there's a lack of professionalism in the control room. Audio is hardly sound. Life certainly isn't perfect, for sure. Still and all, great show by the performers. Pure creativity bursting forth. Exodus, Phase II, Renegades, Desperadoes and Trinidad All Stars put on their dan dan and a well-crafted show the likes of which I would never have dreamed could take shape.

The evening went well, the players dressed to the nines and the pans talking sweet and whistling divine.

Then, Into the darkness we went, deeper and deeper into the evening.
And smack into the maze of the music the final band drops in as the shades of night fell - shades of finals night, to be frank.
Now I figure they ought to know, these All Stars ping pong artistes, that it won’t be easy following some tough acts, what with the best of the best having performed at their best.

I mean, Exodus put down a marker, like Obama’s red line. Big dare, that. Then Phase II mixed up their set with 3 Canal and a short Sparrow medley from its repertoire. Renegades channeled Jit Samaroo's winning songs, bringing huge momentum to the show. Like Big, Big, Big.

And Despers packed a serious punch, featuring, as well, a 15 year-old Boogsie sound-alike on tenor, and regurgitating its Champion song, Different Me, only to sock it to your gut. POW! Take that.

However, Neville Jules still lives (bless the Cap’n) and, it seems, Trinidad All Stars will play one for him. A classic, no less (Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna). Then they roll out lagniappe after lagniappe for audiences at home and abroad.  

Great stuff all evening. Good that the Panorama champions pull down the curtain with jaw droppers like Full Extreme, Woman on the Bass and Curry Tabanca for listeners to lap up.

The organizers should be proud of their effort and workman-like skill in making the event happen. If you ask me, they ought to find a way to share this BIG 5 treat with the world. Maybe, Pan will really reach, as Cro Cro intimated in a Ruso some years back.


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  • We are losing too much by holding performances in make shift facilities. I saw about 7/8 of the wide screens from sitting at the back as parts of the tent covered them

    Who is advocating for the construction of the  Carnival Theature which has been on the drawing board + since 2005???

  • Good Show BIG5,,,,Keep the VIBE going,,,,Let Tobago,South,East,get a taste.BLESSINGS TO ALL.
  • Well said, doh forget the musicality of 'Gades was pleasing to the ears.  Pan don't have to be "in competition" (per se) to shine.  Every artist made a sterling effort to perform to their best. 

  • Just need to work on the sound for live streaming - hit the nail on the head with your description of the night - OH what a night!

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