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This is big news for Cecil. And for me: Somebody is finally talking about MARKETING STEELBAND MUSIC. But they still need a lot of help from the EXPATS and I don't know if they even know that!!!

"It is also the foundation's objective to include bands from across the globe and to MARKET STEELBAND MUSIC ..."


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You are correct Claude, I'm elated, I've been saying this for years,  finally bands are ready to "do something for all Steelbands" they wheel ALL the power over everything pan, nice work.

The real test though is that they should not also be members of Pan Trinbago whether nor in the future. If they are still members of PT, it won't work. If they are still looking for that $1 million at Panorama each year it won't work. The secret of success is when you give up something lower for something higher.

Steve, there won't be a need for Pan Trinbago.


It's about time.


Well, Wayne Cezair talked about smaller groups being able to do BIG THINGS in today's world. And Cecil has been screaming for years now about the BIG SPONSORED BANDS taking control of the future of PAN. And SIDD is calling on them to divorce themselves from PAN TRINBAGO and to give up the PANORAMA DIAMOND CARAT. (I don't know SIDD; since PANORAMA has become the LIFEBLOOD of PAN.)  

I like half of the concept: Promoting more collaboration among progressive bands throughout the year!!! The other aims are more challenging. Lines of global communication (though easy in these times) is a critical factor in this new process. The one good thing is that these bands have BIG BUSINESS SPONSORS so they could call on the acumen of the executives of those companies and really get things to move.

Of course my agenda has always been MAKE THE MUSIC. And since MARETING STEELBAND MUSIC is on their agenda -- I would suggest right off the bat that they get their sponsors to build them a studio for focusing on RECORDING PAN MUSIC or they ALIGN themselves with an EXISTING STUDIO (that would be much cheaper and provide a faster TAKE OFF.) Of course, I see problems with holding on to the traditional approach and utilizing the latest technology to create the BEST SOUND. That is a philosophical issue I could see people coming to blows over -- however, it is art. And art is ever evolving. I wish this project the best. And I wish that they somehow establish an OPEN FORUM where they could exchange (or at least receive) ideas and communications from the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PAN LOVERS WORLDWIDE. That would be the client base that I would first appeal to with initial recordings and then expand from that base as things progress!!!


Well, it looks like the CIP just got PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

Cecil: Ah have to shake your hand!!! You had a good vision!!!! I didn't see that coming at all as much as I have been preaching collaboration with the music. But this foundation could really shake things up and take power away from PAN TRINBAGO.

After reading about that TRACY THORTON music project I was kind of depressed for a while and wondering if the LOCALS are blind. But this FOUNDATION PROJECT sprung some NEW HOPE for me because there is so so much that they can do. In today's world they could be in business in a month. Put up a website and offer T-SHRTS and CDs and MUSIC SHEETS and PAN STICKS and PANS. And they could offer MUSIC SERVICES around the globe. So much they could do because they already own so many products.

They have to pay you royalties for TAKING YOUR IDEA -- INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY!!!

Claude, I hope they see the importance in securing a place for steelbands in carnival, Monday afternoon for the Steelband, this could have endless benefits.

It depends on who is running the "Foundation". The band members i.e the 5 bands. When we use the term "Foundation" the 5 bands must own the Foundation but should not actually run it. They now have to hire a "Trustee company" or individual. The sponsors of the bands cannot also be the trustees. The trustee must be a qualified financial wizard company or individual made up of legal and financial personnel with experience in handling Trusts and Foundations. That is why I said the 5 can no longer be members of Pan Trinbago and expect this to be internationally successful. It is not a walk over as well. It' s a high end financial arrangement. There must be no bickering this band or that band stole money etc or a one pan player demands most of the cash because of his/her big names etc. It won't work under those negative conditions. Along with such personnel, The Foundation will need music marketing wizards who could develop the various markets. The music must be combined with other musicians both acoustic and electronic. The pan sound is now electronically sound and the equipment is on the scene as well. Recordings can be done electronically to save costs. There are so many angles to this. A few years ago I propagated this sort of international idea too. Those who were there can recall that.

Hopefully it will come in properly.

The music must be combined with other musicians both acoustic and electronic.

We are on the same page SIDD!!! But it will all come down to ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS and how they choose to farm out that aspect of the management, marketing and studio production.

In much the same way that people look forward to PANORAMA, I am looking forward to the work of this FOUNDATION.

It makes PAN TRINBAGO and THE CIP irrelevant!!! The Government can cut the PAN TRINBAGO staff in half and divert the FUNDS to this BIG 5 FOUNDATION.

I don't believe the average American is 'dying' to hear steelband music, or craving to hear a CD by All Stars or Phase 11 pan groove. Andy Narel style  performances is as big as it gets.  Many foreigners love the pan, but only for a Friday evening after work lime at some pub etc. The only growth I see for pan outside of Trinidad is through the schools as part of their music programs. Pan makers, tuners will get the lion share.  Panorama arrangements are also  great for these youngsters as they adapt to the steelpan. Trini panorama competition will be the biggest event for pan, period. We just need to get pans literally back on the road, and eliminate the big truck as part of the band.

Oh Lord. Patrick!!! Don't tell me that you join the BACK TO THE FUTURE CROWD -- Cecil and Morning Glory and some others.

Just to make it clear (as an advocate for GLOBAL PAN MUSIC) -- I am not talking about  ALL STARS or PHASE II when it comes to music for the FOREIGN MARKET. My musical concept does not include MORE THAN THREE PANS. Actually, I will not even use live PANS. I have referred to INDIGISOUNDS as my first choice for tones many times before. It's what you present and how you present it.

I agree  with you and the three piece and four piece (I call it KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN PAN) after work lime or pub or birthday party or company picnic or store opening or barbeque -- and the PAN MAN HUSTLING A DOLLAR.

I believe that there is a market for GLOBAL PAN MUSIC but the LOCALS do NOT KNOW how to produce such music. You have to have lived on the outside to understand the approach.

I love the BIG TRUCK on the road with DEE JAY MUSIC BLASTING. And I love the BIG TRUCK on the road with STEELBAND MUSIC JAMMIN. And I know that "pans literally back on the road eh never going to happen again -- unless allyuh build that TIME MACHINE!!!

In fact pans can only go forward on the road not "back on the road" by way of electronic pans and a combination of recorded pan music which also used electronic pans in the recording plus some player playing mic acoustic pans. All total 25 men on a truck will give you lots of decibels. You raise the electronic pans very high and there you will have it. Go towards the future of the 21st century not back to the 20th century. Doesn't this make more sense? This is precisely what Djs do. They record some and add some on the fly.

One difference Claude is that I don't believe Government funds should come in. This should be a totally private international funding Foundation any where there are pan bands and pan players and financiers buying Shares, Once you have governments its not going to work. Every 4 or 5 years Governments changes and so the control changes along with that.


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