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Much respect to Renegades Steel Orchestra for standing for justice and it players.  Regardless of how this injusction against Pan Tribago goes, I will always have the utmost respect for them. It is too bad the other steel orchestras who were also disrespected did not join them.

For anyone who has been to the semi finals, you know that this has to be worst display of hatefulness for pan.  Only thing left for the people in the North Stands to do is throw eggs at the steel orchestras,  which I'm sure will come if Pan Trinbago thinks they can make money from it someday.

When Exodus was assulted at the panorama finals a few years ago, the other bands lack the balls to back them and shut down the show over something they had all agreed to previously.

Renegades do not look for support.  History will look favorably on you for doing "something for pan".

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I agree with all you say!!!!  You go Renegades....you have RIGHT on your side!
I knew that Pantrinbago and the judges didn't like the band(Renegades) but come on....ppl how much more of this sh1t do we have to take?

Thanks for the support, but while standing up for our 'Rights', we remain BIG and wish all the final-night competitors well. We wish for a band in the line up that has never enjoyed a first place - of which we have for nine times including a hat-trick - to gain that winning title. Come Saturday night, as the shoe may be/is on the other foot, we will be enjoying the show -- something that we hadn't been able to do for over two and a half decades, so out of bad / disappointment comes good, education and relaxation.

With big screen, pelau and merriment in the yard...the finalists will be supported, and next year, we are sure the respective patrons would have finally reached a level of maturity and respect for self and artform to do the right thing aimed at not compromising the integrity of the show; the promoter/s: to have equipped themselves with the right tools and know-how aimed at ensuring better patron-behaviour control, and and WE, Renegades: would also do the right thing and not condone anything, while on stage, cited as a potential risk to the performance.

I can help Pan Trinbago develop some core-values and targeted rules for Panorama that would prevent ill-will and possible alienation of not only nationals but internationals as well.......disciplines that would strengthen brand, reputation and legacy.

Let us ALL enjoy the festivities and sprea the love.





*****Ms. Blood: You are a class act.
Give yourself a round of applause and go to the top of your class of dignified people. Perhaps you  should encourage you executive to maintain this type of attitude and bow out gracefully instead of going to court to stop Panorama as reported in the media.

You are wrong Sarah-Ann.  You should be defending any band who decided to challenge those conditions.  This is not about Rengades.  I would have supported your band too had they decided to bring a lawsuit.

When you study what it takes for that situation to take place and for Pan Trinbago to support it and encourage it, you realize there is much more going on here - and it stinks.  It smells of systemic corruption.



people STILL do not GET IT


its the PRINCIPLE of the thing - not about renegades "specifically".....  they are just an EXAMPLE of the situation.   They are the only ones that had some balls to stand up and say out loud that the emperor has no clothes and it AFFECTS ALL OF US, using themselves as an example.


whether or not they specifically play in the final, is secondary -- the point is that they brought the principle to everyone's attention




I support all band in Trinbago, you will never know how deep my roots are in PAN and i will never tell on this blogg. But i support all bands I am not a fan of Pan-Trinbago as none of our complaints has ever been adressed by them. I also sympathise with them as they are between a rock and a hard place by having to rely on those people who now occupy the north Stand with their utter disrespect for the NATIONAL INSTRUMENT. There is no proof that they are being encouraged by Pan-Trinbago to make noise

I was in the grand stand and you with your complaints were at a dis- advantage as you were the only band to stand up while all others came and played and went away without protest. That noise seemed invalid as an excuse for you early demise and to most of the spectators Renegades seemed to be spoilt sports.

Sarah forget the validity of the excuse, that's personal.  Let respect for the instrument take the lead.


.... the "Kill the messenger" mentality ....


There are none so blind than those who refuse to see.


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