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When Steel Talks extends Birthday greetings to panorama champion arranger Steve Achaiba, .

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Happy Birthday Steve Achaiba.

Steve is the first of six men to win panorama as a pannist and later as an arranger. Do you all know who the other 5 men are?

let me try. Lennox "Bobby" Mohammed, Earl Rodney, Len "Boogsy" Sharpe, I'm not sure about the other two.

Clifton, You got one correct (lol)

The 6 are: Steve Achaiba with Cavaliers in 1965; Herschel Puckerin with Starlift in 1969; Leon Edwards with   All Stars in 1973; Len Sharpe with Starlift in 1969; Robert Greenidge with Desperadoes in 1966 and                   Pelham Goddard with Starlift in 1969. I wrote my 6th book in June entitled,                                         "Desperadoes<>Rudolph Charles Era<>and Beyond" 

What about Yohan Popwel with All Stars and Michelle Huggins-Watts with Phase II?


Hello Bugs,

                   You know your pan history, but you forgot to list Ken Professor and Duvone Stewart.

You are quite correct. I should have specified Large Bands only (lol)

Thanks for your professionalism in responding to my answer. We pan people can disagree, but we must resolve differences amicably. Thanks again 

Happy bday Mr Achaiba!!! This man introduced me to pan...he saw my passion for steelpan music nd opened many doors for me...wishing u many many more!
Birthday blessings Steve , Winston (Gons)

have ah bless & happy birthday steve my old arranger an friend paul o

Hey Paul, thanks for teaching me to play the "high tenor" a long time ago in Hatters!

Happy Birthday Steve! Enjoyed the times with Hatters and South Stars.

Birthday greeting Maestro Steve Achaiba.

david how you going ma brother long time contact me at (innercitydj@gmail.com) that will be a blessing steve & my birthday the same day have to call him today bless up bro.


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