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Happy 82nd Birthday greetings (2017) to the Mighty Sparrow - Calypso King of the World

When Steel Talks extends birthday greetings to the Mighty Sparrow.

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Happy birthday Birdie hope you see many more.

Many good wishes on your birthday, Dr/King calypsonian, including more long life.

Sparrow In Steel (1968 - 1970)

1. 1968 Harmonites - Mr Walker
2. 1968 Cordettes - Mr Walker
3. 1968 Cordettes – Wood In de Fire
4. 1968 Cordettes – Carnival In 68
5. 1969 Invaders- Pussy Cat
6. 1969 Invaders - Mas In Brooklyn
7. 1969 Invaders – Sixty Million Frenchmen
8. 1969 Harmonites – Sixty Million Frenchmen
9. 1969 Harmonites – Sa Sa YA
10. 1969 Flamingoes –Lizard
11. 1969 Flamingoes – Sell The Pussy
12. 1970 Harmonites - Saturday Night

Mighty Sparrow - Calypso Erotica

The Mighty Sparrow - Sexual Imagery in the Calypso Art

odw, how come yuh leave out Jane Boi?

Starlift Steel Orchestra - Sparrow's "Jane"(1969)

Happy Birthday Sir.

Happy Birthday Mighty Sparrow, the sweetest voice in the world. Your voice will echo through lifetimes. Thanks for coming into this world and bringing such joy and delight.\

Happy Birthday Sparrow.the more the merrier.........May God continue to direct your steps........Health!

Happy Birthday, Birdie.


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