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Happy Birthday Bede, may GOD richly bless you.

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Happy Birthday, Bede!  Hope it's full of good food, sunshine and music!

Thank you Corey, I am 70 and still full of life, and keep up your Music, friend

Birthday greetings brother Bede....I wish you good health and prosperity...from your discussions I feel you are in our 60 + club ...if so welcome


Thanks Salah, now as we are getting older we may need to have a 3 Scores & 10 and over Club,

Brenda, I was wondering if you were in our Category, I didn't know that now is me in you all category, lol

Happy birthday, Bede, with health and strength, with health and strength, it is our hope that you will continue to produce great music.


Thank you Don, I still have my Health and Strength and I know my limit, I will still be able to record my Videos at my pace, it's not like when I was younger when my hands were faster, that comes with Practice,

Thank you Cecil, God has truly bless me to be able to live to 3 Scores & 10, a lot of the younger Folks will not make it and the majority of times is because of their own doing, Honor your Parent or parents and goodness will come to you, Be good to people and they will be good to you, and most of all be good to God and God will be good to you, (that's a message to the Younger folks from someone that has Done that and Did that) 

Happy birthday Bede, and best wishes for the coming year.

Thank you Salde, it's always good to hear from you, peace

Happy Birthday Bede hope you continue for many more.

Thanks Imamu, and I wish you health and strength,


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