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Reality check...


12:43 was off the hook.

Can we send the Gypsy, the Dolly, the Lucus and Beverley to study Carnival in RIO?


Yet some fools still insist, that the current (mostly nonsense) mas in T&T was influenced by Brazil.

So many possibilities. The drone smiley faces at 18:14 were very impressive.

You still think Trinidad and Tobago has the greatest show on earth 

when it come to carnival “” PLEASE “ take a look at the designs 

the colors  the quality of the floats the  organized sections 

where the viewing public can really see a parade ...

trinidad is my land but please , we do not have the greatest show 

not by a long shot... and it is ashamed 

Absolutely brilliant color schemes. Don't like the Road March though.

Mercer Ramdoo: Since we like to COPY EVERYTHING FOREIGN -- ah hope we could COPY DAT DRONE TING for 2020.

But dey go have to go down to CARONI to get some HELP WITH THAT!!!

I used to think TNT was the biggest carnival.

USED... the operative word...

Las lap for Trinidad Carnival?

Clyde Weatherhead

"The Trinidad Carnival, what we once called The Greatest Show on Earth, is our unique creation, our unique contribution to world culture about which we boast and which we declare has spawned Trinidad-style Carnivals the world over."


After watching 2019 carnival I was very disappointed with the mas { costumes} as accustomed to seeing in past years and being labelled the greatest show on earth, it seems to me to be a big party which it should be but dressed as " come as you are:" giving the players the OK to be reckless 

Also pleased to see Trinidad All Stars with their usual Sailors Ashore theme plenty powder. K2K being graded medium band deserved the title Band of the year that's my opinion.


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