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"The truth is even my original compositions have become a comfort zone and the challenge is to be recognized for extending the boundaries of what exists.

In the end we will all be remembered for pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones. Learning is in what you do not already know or have not already done.

To all not in their comfort zone stay strong."

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Yeah I don't buy that. Anybody who claims that this choice of tune for ICP was not a competitive move directed at one band/arranger in particular is telling stories... it was definitely a bold move that I for one appreciated in the spirit of competition, but alas, it simply fell flat in the end and Smooth has the last laugh. Touche...

Eve4Pan competition is what makes one excel. After the competition you evaluate, move on and try to do better next time, yes there is always bragging rights. We all live for this in sport, music awards, academic examinations etc. Please don't water it down, this was not a concert.


Revelry is always a positive thing, it is what drives human nature to improve itself. This is not a Trini thing, it is a well know phenomenon. Take this for example. Dolly Parton sang “I will always love you” but the Whitney Houston version was the standard bearer of the tune. Imagine anyone else singing that tune and not being compared to Whitney? That is why it is called a competition and not just a performance. There is a reason why bands in Panorama cannot play a winning tune. They will always be compared to the original. Call it what you want but Boogsie messed up big time on the biggest stage.

 Woman on D Bass will forever be linked to All Stars and you cannot say you have never heard people say it was the best pan tune ever played... Love it or hate it that will never change

Well said Eye4Pan.

Eye4Pan, I wish it was simple as you said, we always have rivalry with steelband, we also have "bragging rites" Woman on the Bass has been one of All Stars signature tunes for years, if you are going up against them in a competition playing such a tune you have to do better or deal with whatever the people have to say.

Hello folks, that;s how Pan Supporters function, you remember when ALL STARS playing REBECCA in the' SEMIS' 


So True

I have NEVER experience any panorama season when Phase 11 players were in their comfort zone with Boogsie's music, even with their Seven victories and endless 2nd place finishes to date! Maybe this is what Genius really is all about?? Even  his supporters are NEVER in their comfort zones, as they listen and analyze his music. If 'Woman on the Bass' had won this competition, I would not expect the baccanal to be any different. BTW, didnt he win a major Pan festival with "Pan By Storm??"   

Hmmm! Very interesting comments. Nothing's wrong with the arrangement by Boogsie or the execution by the players.

"Woman on the bass" is a steelband ANTHEM by ALL Stars, with a signature across it. Leave it alone.

Patrick: Yuh suddenly taking a CENTRIST POSITION after years of being an INDEPENDENT voice. Ah have to look for a new PARDNER.

apples and oranges...

Again I see that the focus has shifted, it has shifted from the instrument to all this small talk as to whether boogsie version was comparable to smooth. Question did the pan benefit from yet another competition in which we saw 12 local bands compete against all comers?


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