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Boogsie Sharpe's New Tune - Do Something for Pan

Hello family

What do you think about Boogsie's panorama tune for Phase II?  You can hear it on panonthenet http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2011/tunes/do_something.htm

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Not impressed....

It's not a great tune. It is average at best. But Boogsie doesn't need much to do his thing.  It will work for him.  The production is awful.  Someone on Boogsie's level should do much better in terms of recording quality.  The lyrics are very interesing.  Can someone speak to what that is all about?


Bugs it seems that Boogsie, the spoil chile that he is...  has fallen out of favour with Keith Diaz and other members of the Pan Trinbago Executive, so he is calling for their heads...I understand that shortly after Diaz was installed Boogsie publicly threatened to "get rid of Diaz just like Arnold"...I don;t have all the facts but I'll see what I can dig up and get back to you...but I personally find the lyrics of the song to be in poor taste...especially in light of recent events....and yes the production is really bad...the singer is straining to hit the notes...

I like it, to me the production isn't awful, it's by far not the best but not awful..... the singer sounds very young but he did his thing straining and all.... I think the melody rocks, the song definitely posesses the so called Carnival Spirit makes me want to wave a flag (and I ain't no flag man) and bounce around in front of a band... the melodic phrasing suits the instrument to a tee and will prove to create strong vibrations for whomever plays it.

It's a simple melody which Boogsie created for himself. As for the lyrics ...really poor !!


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