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Nation News - DONNA SEALY

He is called the Mozart of the steel pan, a legend, and a genius. And while all those things are true, the composer, arranger and teacher doesn’t brag.

He is humble and acknowledges that his talent was a gift from God.

At heart, Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe is a Caribbean man. He’s someone who has a desire to help other people develop and realise their potential.

The Trinidadian steel pan maestro was in Barbados recently for Pan weekend and he was certainly a treat for those who attended the SigniaGlobe Pan Yard Lime, First Citizens Fusions and Massy Pan Pun De Sand, where he played with his band Phase II Pan Groove.

He sat down with Easy recently at Divi Southwinds Beach Resort to share his story.

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What was the point of this tease? In order to read the full story you have to subscribe to the Nation enews for 140US a year.

Congratulations to Mr Sharpe, he deserves recognition for his life's work. Can anyone explain this degree "similar to the UWI. honorary doctorate" Is  now Dr. Sharpe?


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