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‘BOSS’ - Remembering Clive Bradley

by Dalton Narine

Clive Bradley with Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

Global - “When Clive Bradley passed away on 26 November 2005, he carried with him more music than he devoted to his life. He also left us with an uproarious humor, as if his new world would be even more electric, and his raucous, clucking laughter, a robust cackle, runs a line of symmetry through the center of his eyes. I still hear it, so I see it too.

“It’s as if Bradley’s never been gone. Still up the hill, now way beyond yonder where he’d devised and concocted his music. Indeed, to Bradley, a geometric soul, less is still more.

“Parse that.”  -- Dalton Narine

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Great story Dalton.


He will always be with us, not in flesh and blood.......but in mind and spirit!!!

Bradley was always engaging, as you know, Bugs.
I wonder who will be next in line regarding the music. And I mean the layered richness, diversity and subtlety of Bradley's symphonic sounds applied to the steel band. What's at stake.? It puzzles, but it'll be a glorious day when another grand master of the craft steps up. Let's watch for that to happen.
Dalton Narine

Yeah, but some bright star with a hell of a whip hand will need to pony up and handle the reins.

Is now the potentially new music re-establish itself and endear us to more greatness in the instrument's essence or core --  heart and soul.



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