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BP Renegades Steel Orchestra’s Captain, Andrew Brumant headed a 21 member contingent of the popular Port of Spain band that left Trinidad for France on January 21, to perform at the Folle Journee Classical Festival. The band is scheduled to make several appearances under the baton of conductor Desmond Waithe, performing a repertoire of strictly, Johann Sebastien Bach’s compositions. A similar size contingent of the band missed the National Panorama Finals last year to appear at the very festival between January 24th and February 4th. This time they will miss only the preliminary round of the competition as they will be back in Trinidad on February 2nd—in time to compete in the large band category of the North/East National Panorama Semifinals carded for the Queens Park Savannah on Sunday February 8.

Renegades is also booked to appear at the Folle Journee Classical Festivals in Bilbao Spain from March 5 to 8 and Japan from May 2 to 6, and will also undertake a summer tour of Japan in July followed by a European tour during the months of October to December 2009. The full list of players making the trip to France is: 2008 Steelband Festival Champion Soloist, Micahi Felician; Selwyn John; Levi Ettienne; Marvis Mohammed; Cleveland King; Anthony Lewis; Kurn Lopez; Candice Andrews; Ishmael Wharton; Stacy Doughlin; Anthony Crichlow; Lisa Durieux; Aaron Franklin; Joel Allick; Ayesha Moses; Rudolph Grant; Christian Benton; Vance Romain; Juma Simmons; together with Captain, Andrew Brumant and Arranger/Conductor Desmond Waithe.

Michael Marcano

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I wish the Renegades all the best// I wish they would come back to visit us up here in CHICAGO again !!!
It's been too long. Chicago needs their heat up here.
Bp Renegades, all the best on your tour to France.
Are the European tour dates (Oct - Dec) available yet? Are they coming to the UK - I'd love to come and hear Renegades and bring all my pupils along to hear a real steel orchestra!
I will post the dates of the tour just as soon as it is finalised
Mr Marcano - not sure if you remember me (it's professor). I played tennor back in the early 80's came back and played in 2006 (Pan in a rage). I plan to be there in 2009 but this time just to observe. Hope everyone (including yourself, Soca, Snail, Swaggy, Jit - etc.) are doing well. See you in a few weeks.

Hey.. Pan in a Rage was 1996..
Looking forward to all the players returning in time for the SemiFinals. Good luck to all...
I loved the concert! Was there any media coverage? What did the critics or the people of France make of them?


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