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The leader of popular south large band NLCB Fonclaire has announced that long time arranger Ken Professor Philmore will no longer be the arranger for the band.The new arranger will be Leon Foster Thomas who is also from the southland.It was an executive decision for the band to move forward.I wish nothing but the best for Pro and I think that the judges have not treated him and the band fairly the last few years.      

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Arrangers has to produce today, it the new norm. Best of luck to Pro.

They vote out PROFESSOR!!! But seeing life through today's lens they get ah REAL DANGEROUS MAN in LEON FOSTER THOMAS.

SOUTHERN LICKS go be sharing in TOWN!!! Look BACCHANAL now!!!

Duvonne and Mia eh go never win ah PANORAMA now in MY LIFETIME!!!


You amuse me senor Gonzales

The only safe arrangers today in the large bands are Boogsie and Amrit.

Going on record now. Fonclaire will be in finals for 2018.


Bugs is it safe to say that Fonclaire will play a popular Soca tune in 2018 instead of an own tune.:


A little celebration  for KEN PROFESSOR PHILMORE and look who arranged the song -- none other than George Victory!!!

Sorry to see the PRO leave his beloved Fonclaire but believe me they are getting a great prospect in Leon Foster Thomas and i am sure the great times will return to the south.

He is no longer the arranger. Will he be playing for Fonclaire? Looking fwd to hearing from LFT, jazz and all.

A very good choice.   Trust me on this one.   I am surprised that none of the top bands did not ask him to arrange for them.

Waynie that is good for all parties in my opinion. Pro did his best to lift Fonclaire to top billing band!
His legacy can never be erased! Now it's up to LFT to take the band to the promise land!
Nuff respect to my southland peeps and I know Rollo will be beaming with pride for his son!!! -Lala


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