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New York, USA - One would have thought that there was not enough perfume or rather anything “sweet” smelling enough in the world to erase the stench of the appalling 2017 New York “Fake-O-Rama”  held by W.I.A.D.C.A.(West Indian American Day Carnival Association) at the Brooklyn museum this past September. It was New York Pan at its lowest. However, one has to admit when they see the potential for change. Like some mad musical scientists, a special group of young people—BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra)—concocted a unique plan and formula - took the bull by the horns and successfully synthesized a tremendous product called “Pan Is Sweet.”

If you were there then you know. If you missed it, then you have probably already heard that you missed out on an outstanding steelband music event. BSO held their first annual “Pan Is Sweet” competition. It will no doubt go down as one of the best steelband music events for 2018, if not the decade. Some are already calling it a historic moment in pan. Time will tell. What is undeniable is that the music was there, the people were there and everyone was vibing. A pivotal moment in New York Pan? Absolutely.

BSO delivered a Pan version of ‘FUBU’ (For Us - By Us) - management, marketing, planning, advertising, entertainment, technical skills, engineering, fashion and artistic creativity - and plenty of problem-solving.

What was on display, pure and simple was music with that distinctive ‘New York Pan’ attitude. Soul, grit and much “We are going to make you love us” attitude. And then we are going to make you dance and sing and scream “Oh My” without any tigers, lions or bears in sight - but with impeccable musicianship and music that will touch your heart, sear your soul.

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  • Excellent show. Congratulations to the organizers and performers. 


  • Positivity in Steel. What a revelation!!!

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